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Wednesday, May 31, 2006
Tis the season...right? I should be all happy and excited since it is the season to be jolly. But for some reason I cannot get myself into the spirit. I listen to my Harry Connick, Jr. CD in the car all the time and he is usually all it takes to be Merry and Bright! I think it is the stress of buying presents that is taking away from the spirit of the season. It stinks when you have to hunt for things. Why do I do it to myself every year! Why don't I just do my shopping in the summer and be done with it! I think next year I will just have to start earlier.

Also, Joey is questioning "Santa". I was in 5th grade when I stopped believing so I think I am just sad about that too. I want him to stay little forever, I want him to remain innocent. He said the other day..."Mom, is Santa real" and I said, "Of course he is, why do you ask" and he said that all the kids on the bus were saying there is no such thing and he isn't sure how Santa could bring him so many presents. And I always tell him, I don't have enough money to give you all the presents that you want, so if you stopped believing in Santa then he wouldn't help me out getting presents....UGH! I hate lying.

Well, I guess, I will go now since I need to go get a Nintendo Wii....