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Thursday, January 22, 2009
The psychologist will be going into Megan's school today to do her evaluation.
She will be asking colors, shapes, numbers and letters.
She will be doing an IQ test.
I hope Megan is in the mood today to show off her stuff.
I will let you all know when I get the results.
Wednesday, January 7, 2009
I will start with the Potty Training since I am on a high right now.
Megan had a GREAT day yesterday. The true test and she passed! She wore underwear for Dance Class and School and had 0 accidents. We are still in a pull up at night, that may take a while longer to teach but she is doing it. No accidents since Sunday.
Today she was dry when she woke up and she went pee and pooh on the potty before she got on the bus. I never thought I would be excited over those 2 words but I am. A big issue Joe and I had with Kindergarden was that 1. Is she too small compared to the other kids 2. We feel she needs to be potty trained otherwise she will stand out to the other children. Conquering 1 of our fears makes us feel more confident about the whole transition part.
Now on to the meeting. We filled out TONS of paperwork. She is now officially registered for Kindy next school year. We had to fill out our experience with Megan's development and then her school will get a set to fill out too. We also filled out a medical history and I was so thankful that Megan has been relatively healthy because the only thing I needed to know how to spell was "T&A" and I know I spelled it out incorrectly. We discussed the process and were told that a psychologist, a speech therapist, a occupational therapist and physical therapist will all be going into Megan's current school to evaluate her. I remember when we had our "Eval" for 3 to 5 and Megan did so well we worried about getting enough services. But now that I want her to do well I am nervous because I will not be present when they do it. What the "eval" will do is just measure Megan as to what services they feel she will need in Kindergarden and not her placement. Once the report is written we will be invited back (they have 60 days from yesterday) for an IEP meeting where "we" the "team" will discuss what is best for Megan. Inclusion versus a Specialized Classroom. Joe and I are still not sure what is best for Megan but will be able to tour all the classrooms to help us make the best decision possible all before the school year ends. They mentioned that the Specialiazed classroom is full of all different kinds of children, not just one's with a diagnosis, some are just immature and not ready yet for Kindergarden. Megan is sooo ready though. She has definitely grown up and needs to move on from where she is. I LOVE her school now and they did WONDERFUL with her but she needs more, I know she is ready for more.
I am nervous and excited about all of this but what I am confident about is that in whatever Megan will do, she will be a success! I am just so proud of my bug right now I am beaming from ear to ear.
Here is her school picture I have failed to share yet and here she is over Christmas in her classroom:

Monday, January 5, 2009
Since my mom does not have Facebook and cannot see my beautiful bedroom that she provided (thanks for the beautiful sheet set Mom)....I thought I would post here.

See mom, I cleaned my room ;)

I hope me writing it down does not jinx anything but all has been going fairly well. We do go days w/o accidents but we do have some here and there, mostly my fault. Megan seems to be understanding the sensation which I think was her previous issue. We are now in big girl underwear during the day and pull-ups at night. She is completely timed right now so she will only go when I put her on, she is not initiating it. Her pull-ups seem to be a crutch since for the past year and a half she has peed in them consistenly, they are diapers to her. So that is why we are going cold turkey with the undies. Tomorrow I will be sending her to school and dance class in undies for the 1st time so that will be the test of all tests. It is a big week for us here!
We have Megan's transition from the IU to Elementary school tomorrow at 1pm. My stomach is in knots. I hope I do not get overwhelmed and I hear everything they say.
Our school district is supposedly excellent and very thorough. Joe thankfully will be meeting me there. I do not want to go it alone. I will update tomorrow with all the info. Please say some prayers that all goes well.