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Monday, July 30, 2007
ENJOY! I did!
So we went to CHOP today to see the Pulminologist and he ended up saying:

Although he cannot test Megan for Asthma, he believes with her history that we should treat her for it. So she now "has asthma" LOL and will be on 2 inhales a day of albuterol, with an inhaler of Pulmacourt in case of croup like symptoms.
He also feels she has reflux and will be testing her for it soon but in the mean time has her on prevacid. We need to schedule the barrium study to determine if she does actually have reflux.
He also has me scheduling a sweat study for cystic fibrosis? (Anyone every have this done?) And chest x-rays and A SLEEP STUDY...so we will be fairly busy around here.

He also prescribed her singular to help with the congestion....
So we will be buying our local Pharmacy! LOL

With all these meds I am really hoping this will solve all her horrid breathing issues and we can stay out of the ER. I asked the ER how many times we were there last year for croup and it totaled 8...not to mention the 1 time we went on vacation to another ER and the other time we were admitted to another hospital...so 10 times in 2006....ugh! Gotta love CROUP!

Just wanted to give an update! My head is swirling with all this new info...so sorry if it is confusing you
Thursday, July 26, 2007
I wrote a children's story awhile ago and am finally deciding to share it online. I am having my cousin do the illustrations but have inserted pics of Megan in the meantime...the pics are what will inspire the drawings.
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So my son got his braces on today. He was such a trooper.
He watched Mr. Bean on his mp3 player and was actually laughing while his mouth was hinged wide open....once the braces were on he got up and looked in the mirror and with a very serious face goes "I'm a geek"...then proceeds to tell everyone that he had a dream about seeing himself with braces...then says "oh wait it was a nightmare" ha ha.
He is such a character he just cracks me up. Reminds me so much of myself when I was younger although everyone says he is his father.
So I wanted to share before and after pics.
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After...not too big of a smile! Guess it will take time getting used to the braces.
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My handsome boy!
Wednesday, July 25, 2007
Last night on Conan O'Brien Chris Rock was asked....Do you think the USA is ready for a black president? His response..."We already had a retarded one...when did being black become worse then being retarded..."

I have written so many responses and have deleted them all. So I am leaving the responses up to my fellow bloggers. What are your thoughts on this?
Friday, July 20, 2007
So this AMEX Member's Project is weighing heavily on my mind....for 1 reason, the people who think it is a worthless cause, I want to shove it down their throats 2nd reason, It will make such a difference in all our kids lives 46 or 47 chromosomes. This world WILL be a better place.
So tonight I joined a few forums and begged and pleaded for people to vote.
Mostly investor forums where I was sure the members had AMEX cards.
I am again begging anyone who reads this to take a minute and cast your vote, if you don't have a card, just find 1 person who does and get them to vote and pass it on. We need to get at least 3000 more votes to win and fast.
Here is the link again
Wednesday, July 18, 2007
This is so important. I am asking you to help me by voting and also by forwarding this on to your entire address book.
How many of you know that 90% of woman who find out there unborn child has down syndrome abort that baby?
How many of you know that doctor's often paint a picture that is bleak and undeserving of life, that these woman do not get sufficient facts to make a more educated decision?
How many of you know my Megan and how wonderful she is and how happy and DESERVING OF LIFE SHE IS?
Please help us get the funding needed to help our children with Down Syndrome. It will be a sad day when there are no more kids with Down Syndrome on the planet.
Our kids are meant to be and with all the new guidelines for pre-natal testing it is so important to get out the positive side of DS.
I hope Megan means as much to you as she does to me and her family.

Please take a minute to vote and send on to others. Thank you. Enjoy the photo.
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You need an American Express Card to vote. I do not have one but applied for one and am awaiting the card to vote. If you cannot apply, I understand but please send on to other's for me.
You can apply for a card here.
Tuesday, July 10, 2007
or should I say van.
Well, Megan went back to school today and we started the bus. We were happy to see her friends from class in the back seat. It made me feel better.
Megan is missing her glasses in the picture because she hid them from us.
We found them right before she left mutilated in her closet. One lens was completely out and the frames were broken and bent.
After Megan left I took the glasses back to Pearl where the man David who owns the place worked his magic and got them back in tip top shape.
Megan was very upset to see Aunt Meme at school today with her glasses.
She walked them in for me (I did not want to go in and her want to leave with me) and Megan had a look on her face that said "I thought I got rid of those things once and for all...oh shucks!" LOL

When Megan got off the van today she was sound asleep. I guess her day back was tiring.
Enjoy the pics I got before she left.
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Monday, July 9, 2007
Here is beautiful Julianna. She turned 4 months on July 7th.
She has the family baby blues (eyes) which are just stunning....sorry Jamie, I had to show her off...

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Friday, July 6, 2007
It is my baby's 2nd birthday. She is growing up way too fast...I miss the baby cuddling months but also love the little toddler she is becoming. She currently is on 1 speed....FAST...she does not walk anywhere, she always runs. It makes me laugh out loud to see her in the store or outside running everywhere to see what she can get her hands on. She truly is a lover of life. She loves me, her sister, her brother, her toys, her bed, EVERYTHING (Joey told me to put cookies)...she is shy and is a leg grabber when someone new is around...she still sucks on her binky whenever she can...she loves to color....she is miss independent and will not let me help her do anything, she wants to do it on her own....she does not yet learn from her mistakes, she will jump off a high ledge, cry and do it over again...she plays on her swing set whenever she gets a chance...she is a kid watcher, she loves watching all the things big kids do and then wants to get a reaction from them (i.e. turning off there video games, taking their bucket, etc)...I could go on and on about her and how she is...it is so hard to explain the love I have for each of my children, they all mean the world to me and I would do anything for them.
Here are her pictures we had done today at kiddie kandids
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Wednesday, July 4, 2007
So I went to the movies today with my son Joey and dh Joe. My parents watched the girls as they cooked ribs and steak on the grill for the holiday.

I must say "WOW" about the movie. It was very adrenaline rush, edge of your seat, adventure, thriller, violent type movie, but FUNNY. It was also very silly and lost a lot of umph by the end. It is one you must see in the theater though, I am sure it won't be as good on DVD.

However, there is a part of the movie which made me uncomfortable with my 10 year old son sitting next to me (It is rated PG-13). There was a scene where the mother mentions "masturbation" and my son REALLY LOUDLY asked me what that meant...I quickly shhhhushed him and told him I would tell him later when I was secretly hoping he would forget about it....which he did (thank goodness).

So I do think this movie was good 3 out of 4 stars but I would definitely leave the pre-teens at home. Not for the pure of heart.
Tuesday, July 3, 2007
sniff sniff. I have to say we were all very sad to see Gigi go.
We sent her on her way to Pittsburgh to be with Maeve.
(If you don't know who Gigi The Traveling Poodle is, please go to her website )
My girls were very attached to Gigi, fighting over who gets to hold her in the car.
"G's" were a difficult sound for Megan to pronounce but not anymore...she has the "G-G's" down pat!
So here is a list of all the stuff Gigi got to do with the Bissol Family:
1. Got to meet and greet my best friends twins Abigail and Alexa
2. Got to watch the River Dogs win the 2007 Carlton Division Championships
3. Went to Six Flags Great Adventure with my whole family for Father's Day
4. Spent a whole week in the classroom with Megan, her friends and teachers
5. Got to go to Sesame Place and watch a Fireworks display
And I think I may be missing somethings, but that list shows you she was here for awhile longer than she was supposed to (sorry Darah).
But everyone I met LOVED GIGI and her traveling to bring Down Syndrome Awareness.
I said to myself, what Gigi represented to us was "Friendship on the 21st Chromosome"
Boy is it strong!!!!!
We love you Powell Family and thank you so much for sharing Gigi with us!
Gigi The Traveling Poodle is a book waiting to be published!

Here are some pics to enjoy!
p.s. We adorned a "Bissol Band Aid" so that Gigi would always remember us!

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