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Thursday, December 28, 2006
Christmas flies by so fast sometimes you forget why you celebrate to begin with.. I am Catholic, I have faith, but this year it was very hard for me to be in church. 1.) The girls were TERRIBLE....they won't sit still, they yell, they talk really loud and they want to eat and get crumbs all over the pews 2.) I feel guilty spending so much money on presents for the kids and then in turn only donate a small amount of money to the church 3.) My church is just so BLAH! They don't make you feel welcome, they stare at you if your kids are acting up and they do the same old Christmas Mass every year. I leave church still questioning if the kids get it....when they leave do they say "Happy Birthday Jesus" or "Man I want to open up presents"....I am so guilty with making my kids say the latter. I wish I was better at explaining and not getting so worked up myself.....but....

I actually never was able to get Joey the Wii, I so expected the worst of him. crying, complaining, not being happy with what he got....I was so wrong, he was the most proud of Jesus this year. He never once asked about the Wii and he was very grateful for what he got. He as usual checked the nativity scene first and said, "He's here mom, he's been born...can we open presents now"....We never put out the baby Jesus until Christmas mornning when we are sneaking out the presents and we always taught him to look for Jesus, and it never fails, he always wakes up remembering why we are here and why we celebrate....So enough of being sad and resentful of the church...I am goiing to be happy because my Joey is happy! And also be happy for the life of Jesus.

Merry Christmas EVERYONE and a HAPPY,HEALTHY,PROSPEROUS 2007!!!!