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Friday, August 17, 2007
Oh how I hate to FIX problems of companies that I pay so much money to and get nothing in return. I calculated that in 5 months I have paid Verizon over $1800...

I got a call from Verizon Wireless yesterday at 6pm while out with a friend telling me they were shutting off my cell phones unless I made a payment over the phone.
Ummm. I just paid Verizon $205 for August.
Verizon Wireless: Well, it shows you haven't paid since June.
Me: That's right because I bundled my phone, TV, internet and cell phone into one bill in June and it went into effect in July.
Verizon Wireless: Well it doens't show here that you are set up for that.
Me: Well, my bill that I just paid does.
Verizon Wireless: Well, you will need to call Verizon and tell them they need to pay us.
Me: HUH! You call, I don't work for Verizon and I paid my bill.
VW: I can't do that mama' you'll have to do it.
Me: I don't get paid by Verizon, you do! I am the customer that you so rudely called and threated to turn off my service, YOU CALL AND FIGURE IT OUT!

Well guess who has wasted there whole day on the phone with Verizon because they are all idiots! That's right...ME!
So I am on the phone today w/ VW and they said "Verizon has TV service, huh"
YEAH! This is what I am up against NO ONE AT VERIZON HAS A CLUE! VW doesn't know anything about Phone, Internet or TV and the rest of them can't figure out billing so I am working all day to figure it out for them and am not getting paid.
Should I submit my own bill to Ivan the CEO of Verizon.
I am pissed.
AND the kicker, it is Friday night, 6pm and it is still not straightened out! I am up for such a GREAATTT weekend! CAN YOU HEAR THE SARCASIM in my voice.

Oh did you ever her my story about the Verizon man (if not you should)....so, I think I am going to contact a lawyer and sue Verizon for all my anxiety problems!
What do you all think!
Thursday, August 16, 2007
Christina over at Kwisteena's Kwaziness tagged me for this. And today is a good day to talk about what I am grateful for as I feel I take advantage of these things often. This is what I am grateful for today, it usually changes daily, but these 3 things I wanted to share today. I am grateful for so many other things that I am not mentioning.

1. HEALTH- in the midst of reading about Kennedy, Chloe, Zack, Larkin, Lily and Mia, I have to be thankful for my families health. There are just so many who suffer daily and are always in my thoughts and prayers. I really don't know how some families deal with it. My friend Renee, Kennedy's mom is so strong and seeing all these kiddos around her relapse and go to heaven and I cannot imagine what goes through her head on a daily basis. So today I am thankful for my families health, although I know it can change at any minute, I am thankful for it right now.
And so as a family we pray together for everybody else's.
I also wanted to mention about my good friend Jenn...after being with her grandmother throughout her hospice care, she passed away this morning and I am thinking of her and her family during this time of loss. HUGS to you.

2. FRIENDS- I am thankful for friends. I see people in my family w/o them and I feel sorry for them that they have nobody to talk to endlessly with on the phone. That they do not have someone who they can share there sorrows and joys with. I appreciate all my friendships. Jamie, Jen, Colliene, DOWNSYN, Renee, Bethany, Kelly...I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! And Jamie a special note to you...JUST CALL ME BITCH! LOL! HUGS!

3. GRANDPARENTS- My grandparents left yesterday from Naples, FL to drive up to PA for the rest of the summer. They are 80 years old and still healthy and active and I love them so much. I miss them so much and wish they lived closer. But Grandad and Nana Jo will be here this weekend and I cannot wait to spend quality time with them and for them to get to know my children better. They have been a big part of my entire life and so I am GRATEFUL for them.

So as you know I must nominate 3 people, so I choose:

Kristin over at Love notes to my family , Ecki over at Opposite Kids and Jenna at Thriving on Love
Well I am very disappointed right now. After reading about a friends son who had yet another surgery to correct bowel/intestine issues (he will have 3 months of incontinence from this and he is only 2). I decided to contact Pampers to see if they would consider sending extra coupons for this family in need. This was there response:

Thanks for contacting Pampers, Stephanie.

We wish we could help, but we receive an overwhelming amount of
donation requests from many people and organizations. Since we get so many
requests, our Company primarily focuses giving at a national level and to
local agencies in the communities where we have operations.

P&G also contributes to health and social service organizations through
annual gifts to local United Way agencies. Perhaps Zack's family will

in some way benefit from our donations by connecting with non-profit
organizations or social services in your area.

We do have special offers from Pampers for new parents to periodically
receive coupons, samples or product information. To join, just
complete the online form at http://us.pampers.com/en_US/signup.do

Although we're unable to provide the assistance you requested, we wish
Zack and his family well.

Pampers Team

This was my response to them:
Well I am sorry to hear that. That disappoints me greatly.
I was not asking for a monetary donation. It was just for extra coupons to help out a family in need.
I will make sure to pass this information on to my network of parenting friends.

So I am posting this here to pass it on.
Wednesday, August 15, 2007
There is a new angel in heaven. Chloe a beautiful 2 year old with down syndrome lost her battle with AML(Leukemia) today. Please keep her family in your prayers.
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Here is Chloe's page:
Chloe's Page
Friday, August 10, 2007
We had such a BLAST! I wish I had taken more photos! I will keep buggin' people to send me some so I can add them...but here is what I have so far ENJOY!

Thursday, August 9, 2007
So we went to the doctor July 27th because Megan and Olivia were not feeling well.
While there Megan tested positive for strep throat and so the doctor put them both on amoxicilian. Did not test Olivia because she was not cooperating. So Saturday night (1 day of being on amox) we headed to the ER with Olivia. She woke up from a nap with tons of fluid in her ears and started convulsing and her eyes were matted shut with boggies. It scared the crap out of me. We get her there and she settles down and the ER took her temp and it skyrocketed to 104. They ended up giving us eye drops cause her eyes were crusted shut pretty bad. So we continued to give her the amoxicilian and her ears continued to drain nasty fluid. She stopped with the fever on Sunday and was fine all week long except for the fluid draining. Monday morning I took her back to the ped cause her ears were disgusting and her fever was back and high. He barely looked in her ears cause they were so gross and said she has a double ear infection. I told him the amoxicilian never worked before and we should probably put her on something else. He asked if I could remember what she was on and I said I am not sure but maybe it was Augmentum. So he wrote a script and I went to the pharmacy. I asked while I Was there if she had ever been on Augmentum before and they said no, so I asked beside Amox what other anti has she been prescribed and it was Zithromax. (she had blood in her stools from omnicef)So the doc never checked her chart and just wrote a script for something I wasn't sure about? Do most doc's do this?
So we have been on Augmentum since Monday and the ears are still draining and her fever is still up and down. (eyes popping out of my head)
Olivia, Joe and myself have not slept since Sunday and she is not getting any better.
So I call the ped again this morning and end up taking Olivia into the ENT at Temple Children's for an Emergency visit.
We get there and the ENT asks if the ped took a culture of her ear and I said no.
He asked how long this has been going on so I told him it has been draining like this since last Monday....he straps her to a board (a papoose)and drains all the fluid and ends up having to pull out her tubes. He takes a culture and tells me he believes she has a bacterial infection.....
I am mad at myself and mad at him for not taking this serious enough. I have had so many prescriptions filled and have paid so many co-pays and for what....our Ped has no idea what he is doing?
The ENT kept asking why the PEd didn't do a culture...I don't know why, I hadn't a clue he was suppose to but I still feel guilty for not pushing him to do more for her.
So ENT has put Olivia on Tylenol w/ codein since she is in so much pain and has not slept since Sunday. On Monday we find out what bacteria she has and we go from there. Inevitably we are looking at surgery to replace the tubes but we may have to treat her in patient for a few days to make sure her body kills off the bacteria....
I am so sad right now. Has anyone else dealt with this?
Please share your stories with me.