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Thursday, February 28, 2008
About a month ago we had parent visitation in dance class and I was mortified that Megan was soooo bad.
Now that time has passed, I have come to laugh at what she did....here is a preview.
Remember once my camera was away, she continued to go up to everyone else's cameras and do the same.

This is from my cell phone and Joe just figured out how to upload for me!

"Mommy mommy...I did it I did it!!!!!"
A HUGE HUG AROUND MY NECK and a glimmer in her eye....Olivia looks at me and says, "I did it Mommy, I ate ALL the cookies"

After walking into her room, I notice a box of cookies and they were all gone! YES, she did do it! Can you believe that little nudge had surgery today and she is still keeping me on my toes.
Olivia did well. No silly juice required, only a bribe of princess stickers. She was such a big girl. She cried for a little bit after but as soon as we got home she was her normal happy self. Thank you Aunt Jill for watching Megan so that I could give Olivia my 100% undivided attention, it means a lot!

Her right ear had the old tube still stuck in a bunch of wax but they cleaned it out and got in a new one.
Her left ear had a ton of fluid that they drained.
We follow up with the ENT in 2 weeks for a hearing test and check-up.
Megan will be seeing him too and it might be her time for new tubes. She has had her tubes since March 06'.

Thank you all for keeping Livi in your prayers....once I figure how to get the pictures and video off my phone I will post.

o.k....just figured out I could email myself pictures, so here goes:

Olivia at hospital before she knew what was coming (notice how happy)

At home resting from a long day!
Wednesday, February 27, 2008
Olivia will be going in to have her tubes replaced tomorrow morning at 9 a.m.
Friday, February 22, 2008
How can John McCain be leading the delegate race? Do the American people not know about his history and his background? Do they just watch the local news and vote for whoever is on the TV? I am starting to think so. It is sad. The American people are doing themselves an injustice in having John McCain as the republican nominee. We are just handing over a presidental election to the Democrats.

I have read several articles lately that points out reasons why John McCain shouldn't be the republican nominee.
McCain Article
Another McCain article
yet another McCain article
WARNING us of what we are getting ourselves into.

This article helps you to understand why I am so upset. I believe after this election I will be changing my party, marching on Washington and doing my duty to make Americans aware of their mistakes.

Have you ever heard of the movie Matrix? During the film...Morpheus contacts Neo just as the machines (posing as sinister 'agents') are trying to keep Neo from finding out any more. When Morpheus and Neo meet, Morpheus offers Neo two pills. The red pill will answer the question "what is the Matrix?" (by removing him from it) and the blue pill simply for life to carry on as before. As Neo reaches for the red pill Morpheus warns Neo "Remember, all I'm offering is the truth. Nothing more."
Thursday, February 21, 2008
Megan's new thing is pockets...she loves them. She tries really hard to always keep her hands in them. She walks around with her hands in her jean pockets or coat pockets and expects me to buckle her into her car seat w/o removing them.
Today at nap time she wore a sweater with a front pocket on it. And as you would expect, she laid down and feel asleep with her hands in the pocket.
I think I may nickname her pockets from now on.
Wednesday, February 20, 2008
Megan is scheduled to see the G.I. down at CHOP on March 4th. I will let you know what they say.

Also, Olivia will be getting her 2nd set of tubes on February 28th...that should be pretty simple though.

And Joey is finally better and back to school after a few days out w/ a bad couch, fever and vomiting.
Thursday, February 14, 2008
8 x 4 calcification- non specific finding
could be from an infection, disease
venus malformation, from previous trauma or a vascular ring
f/u w/ CT Scan in 6 months to watch for change in size

Ped wants us to go to a GI doc to see if a biopsy needs to be done.
Will keep you all posted.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008
Megan will be having a CT Scan done tomorrow. There was a spot detected on her liver back in August which was thought to be a fluke. It was still there last week when a repeated X-ray was done. I have no answers to my zillions of questions until we can determine more from the CT Scan. I have been off of the computer for about a week and will be off until after I get the results of the scan, hopefully by Thursday. Please keep Megan in your prayers....specifically for her to drink the barium required for the test, for her to not be scared and hold still to get an accurate reading and for there to be nothing seriously wrong.
Monday, February 4, 2008
My son Joey starts his sex ed class today at school. Last night my husband and I decided to talk about it with him in case he had any questions.
Joey stated, "They already gave us a pre-test to see what we know. I now know that a wet dream doesn't involve urine"

ROFLMAO! Soo soo innocent!
So you haven't heard from me since last week. Thursday was a hectic day. I had to take Megan in for a chest x-ray and while I was gone Olivia got really sick. My sister called me and I could hear her in the background and knew we had to take her in.
She saw the doctor and he told us she had a double ear infection so it looks like we will have to see the ENT for new tubes. She also had bad chest congestion.
He wanted to try Amoxicillian again although during her 1st year of life it never worked. So lets see if her body will work well with it now. He also had us start Mucenix with Olivia and Megan. Wellll, It made MEgan WORSE. She started puking up everything and she got a fever...next day puss starts oozing from her ear...a definite ear infection since she has tubes. So all weekend we have been sick and Joe and I had a wedding to go to Saturday night. The girls did behave though for my sister thank goodness. Thank you for watching my sickos Jam! Love ya!