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Tuesday, September 30, 2008
Oh did I mention my girl was in Time Square on Sunday way up high on a huge jumbotron Panasonic TV? No biggie ;)


more too come...
We had a great time letting the girls make there own dinner.
They kneed the dough, smeared on the pizza sauce, sprinkled the cheese and spread the pepperoni's all over. They were so cute! Here are their finished masterpieces:

And here are a few random messy faced shots:
It started oh so very innocently when we listened to Bethany's Myspace page and now it has turned into this....

Dedicated to Renee and Bethany

I have not posted in a while. I have a lot to share.
1. Pizza Night where Megan and Olivia made us some yummy pizza
2. Country Girls at heart for Bethany and Renee who started us on the Country Music Path. An oldie and a newie.
3. Pictures from the Pond
4. Megan in Time Square
But I have been busy lately with life...so I will have to inundate you all in 1 night.
I am now uploading the videos and pictures so I will be back later.
(I hope, in this house sometimes we get sidetracked)

I also wanted to say, WELCOME BACK! to Bethany and Kyle who have been busy themselves but still had time to keep us updated with their travels to Russia to meet their beautiful Addison. We love you guys!
Wednesday, September 17, 2008
My friend Bethany's daughter Payton will be included in a PSA (Public Service Announcement) to be played in Walmart for the month of October (DS Awareness Month) and to be included in the terrible movie Tropic Thunder's DVD release. We are so proud of you Payton, your face changes many of attitudes and minds. Watch the video, she is the 1st face.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008
Oh well, shortly after posting about pre-school I got a call saying Olivia was still upset and telling the teacher her throat hurt. So I had to go pick her up and she felt warm....UGH, just our luck! I brought her home, gave her tylenol and she is sleeping right now....Megan got off the bus shortly after w/ a message that she didn't feel well either. She felt warm and after tylenol she is out for the count.
The best laid plans never work out the way you hope. Oh well! Enjoy the pics.



Since it was Olivia's 1st day of preschool and PopPop got to go, I will share the two of them.


Them holding hands down the hallway
I am typing while my baby girl is still at her 1st day of preschool.
It was tough letting her go. 1 kid screamed and it was a snowball effect.
As I was shuffled out the door with the words "It is best if you all just go, they will get over it quickly," Olivia lay face down on the floor crying trying to crawl between the legs of the teacher who was holding back 2 other hysterical children. The other 2 aids were handeling their fair share of attempting escapees.
I videod up to the point of the SCREAM and as I rewatched it in the car outside the school I couldn't help but notice Olivia's big nervous puppy dog eyes. She was trying to be brave. I am so proud of her. This morning she kept telling me I lay down, I can't go to school, I sick, couch couch! How do they learn these things! After I get all the kids home safe and sound I will upload the video.

edited to add video:

Friday, September 5, 2008
I have a water bottle I use to wet the girls hair before I brush it.
I did Megan 1st and gave her the bottle to play with while I was brushing (since it keeps her mind off of yelling at me to stop).
While she had the bottle she sprayed Olivia and it made Olivia not so happy.

Upon Olivia's turn for hair to get brushed I gave her the water bottle and told her, "It is your turn to get Megan back"

Olivia responded with, "Megan, turn around"

to read another Olivia "literal" moment, click here.
Thursday, September 4, 2008
Megan has had a dry (no pun intended) spell on her potty training for A LONG TIME. (Last time she went was in KC 07' for the NDSC conference and I think it was just showing off then in front of her friends). I was so sad that she seemed to be fighting me (and she may) but tonight for Daddy, MEGAN POOPIED ON THE POTTY, MEGAN POOPIED ON THE POTTY, LA LA LA LA LA LA! (our new song we dance to, which makes her giggle). We are having a PROUD happy moment tonight in our house and nothings gonna ruin it!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sarah Palin is the presidental VP choice for the GOP. She is much more conservative than McCain which balances out the Republicans nicely. Sarah Palin along with being a great go-getting politician, is also the mother of Trig a baby boy with Down syndrome who was born this past Spring. I just love the idea of bringing DS to the White House. The image of a little boy with Down Syndrome shaking hands with politicians and softening the shells of those same skeptics.
Palins' politics in her time as Governor of Alaska have been memorable, she has accomplished a lot. She fought the Republican Machine in Alaska to get the nomination and has done amazing things for the people of Alaska. She was on a great path to success in her own poltical life, actually making a difference.
So as happy as I am about having a wonderful conservative choice on the ticket I cannot help but feel sorry for Palin. I read an article on Lew Rockwell, written by himself, that explains my feelings well.

Sarah Palin's Career Ends in Tragedy
by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

The frenzied reaction of the middle class all over the country toward Sarah Palin has no real precedent that I can remember. Indeed, the reaction especially among women is completely understandable. She provides a much welcome cultural break from the chip-on-the-shoulder, grudge-against-the-world model of public women that have been held up to us for years, embodied in the belligerent and insufferable person of Hillary Clinton.

Sarah, on the other hand, is both beautiful and professionally accomplished, a wife and mother and a natural politician, both religious and secular, both feminine and fears no tasks such as hunting that are usually associated with men. She offers a different model of a woman who has excelled not through intimidation and aggressive demands for reparation, but through her own efforts, charms, and intelligence.

What's more, her political outlook has much to recommend it, from what we can gather so far. There is a libertarian impulse here. She has rejected the perks of public life in favor of common sense. She is friendly to business interests but unfriendly to special privileges. She has praised Ron Paul and rejected the party mentality of GOP regulars.

It strikes many people as a brilliant choice on McCain's part, and I would agree. Social conservatives have forgiven all of McCain's deviations. Many people who just last week didn't give a fig about whether he wins or loses have come around completely. She will, of course, be a huge focus of the campaign.

The claim against her that she lacks "experience" is one of the most bogus things out there. For starters, the history of VPs shows a long history of people with very little of what is called "experience" today. And contrary to what media pundits say, what is far more important than experience are the political values you hold.

The demand for experience seems to imply that somehow we are seeking social and global managers for public office, and that is manifestly what we do not want. In a truly liberal society, the job of a White House executive could be held by anyone or no one.

Now, the sad part begins. The first job of anyone who works for the government – and that is the job of the vice president – is to echo the line of the government. People find that to be reasonable. It really comes down to a matter of job loyalty. If you are working for Burger King, you have an obligation not to criticize their hamburgers publicly.

But in government, this job requirement takes on a different cast. When a decent person accepts a job such as vice president, our first instinct is to celebrate that good people are in a position of power and influence. This is what the McCain campaign is counting on. But this is an illusion. The influence runs completely the other way. Good people become part of the party machine and surrender all their principles in order to survive.

We are speaking here of the leviathan state that lives on a lie. To be part of that, you too must become part of the lie. It is perhaps possible to be the governor of a small state such as Alaska and not be part of the machine. It is not possible to be vice president of the United States and not enter into the deeply immoral arena that values the burying of all principle, and saying and doing whatever is necessary to bolster power.

Part of the purpose of campaigns is to socialize the candidates in this mold. Sarah will be slapped around if and when she openly disagrees with McCain's politics. When they win the election, she will immediately be required to take on the role of an apologist for all that the administration does.

In some ways, this is the continuing of a terrible trend of the Bush years. Many good young people from conservative backgrounds, with excellent educations and decent political values, went to work for Bush under the impression that they could make a difference. There was change as a result, but it was not government that changed, but the young people who went to work for it.

There are even cases of former libertarians who have held high government positions and sacrificed all their values in order to hold their jobs. They claim that they haven't abandoned libertarianism but rather seek to apply it in the "real world." But the real world of government is the opposite of libertarianism. It is stealing, lying, killing, butchering, badgering, looting, coercing, and sucking the life out of society itself. That is the essence of modern statecraft.

You either have to come to terms with that or leave. If you stay, you become part of the very problem that you fought to oppose. We saw this not only during the egregious Bush administration but also in the 1980s with Reagan. Many people become educated with sound political values and find themselves attracted to Washington politics. They quickly feel embarrassed about their naïveté and seek to fix themselves up, adopting the approved cynicism that eats away at their soul. They become changed over time, morphing into the very opposite of what they started out, and of what they started out believing.

There are names I could mention here in our time, former libertarians now holding high political appointments in the bowels of the federal bureaucracy. They know who they are. They can pretend superiority that they are "getting their hands dirty" while the rest of us are merely typing away at our keyboards. But in fact, they have become responsible for great evil, the leading one of which is to contribute to the great lie that government is doing good for us.

This, sadly, is the future of Sarah Palin, who may have been doing some good in Alaska. It is even more of a tragedy when people leave the private sector where they are serving the public in productive ways, only to become part of the machinery of stealing, lying, and killing.

There is something about Sarah I really like, especially that she seems to have had some sympathy for an Alaskan secession movement, which, contrary to media hysteria, is a perfectly reasonable and liberal position to take. But you can be sure that if she plans to be a successful vice president under a McCain administration, all of this will be swept under the carpet and her primary accomplishment in life will have been to dupe many people into supporting an administration that promises to be the worst thing that has happened to this country since Bush was sworn in.
Tuesday, September 2, 2008
This post is inspired by Jeff and The Rally for the Republic. Jeff mentioned that "the ultimate American (US) dilemma - Freedom vs. Responsibility."
I think he is right.
This is the major issue in our society today. People do not understand that it isn't a compromise, you do not have to give up responsibility to have freedom. You NEED responsibility to be Free. And the government isn't what makes us Free or gives us our Freedoms. Freedom is endowed to us by our creator and we are to do with it what WE feel is right for ourselves.

The question we should all ask ourselves is -Who gave us Free will?
What would happen to our Free Will if there was no government?
Should the government be responsible for us? Should we allow them to make our decisions? Should we be giving them our wages to make these personal decisions for us? I want to decide what I do with my money. What doctor's I use for my family. What foods I eat and feed my children. How I save for retirement. How I help others. How I educate my children whether it be public, private or home schooled. How I travel. How my family protects themselves. How I use my property. What water I want to drink.

All these things were once our freedoms, we broke away from Great Britain for these exact atrocities, but here we are again, living in a world that is an illusion....we vote for our ruler (I mean president) and we pay our taxes like good serfs (I mean citizens) and we play (I mean pay) with paper money.

I want my FREEDOM and although the idea of having the government care for me is tempting, it is not WORTH what we fought for.

I love the idea of FREEDOM too much. I will try and pass my ideals on to my children and hope that they fight for it as well. I am afraid of what our World (I mean The United States) will become if we let bureaucracy take over....which sadly already has happened.
We are having such a great time with my Grandparents while they are up from Florida. I love having them around. Don't they look great for being in their 80's?
They will be heading home soon and we will miss having them around. I love that my kids know their GREAT Grandparents.
Megan's Last 1st Day of Preschool
August 27, 2008

Joey's 1st Day of middle school, he is sooo handsome!
September 2, 2008

Will be back to edit next Tuesday when Olivia has her 1st day of preschool...until then here she is on the beach!