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Friday, September 24, 2010
Just thought I would check in on here and just say all is well.
Megan is doing amazingly well in 1st grade.
She is 98% included in 1st grade. She gets pulled once a week for 1 on 1 ST and the rest of the day she is in the classroom. All other therapies come to her. It is a GREAT set-up and she just LOVES being there. Loves her teachers, therapists, EVERYONE!
We do once a week private ST so I am good with the 1 session at school.

Megan has been doing a great job with both her reading and math skills. She amazes me everyday with her knowledge.

We figured out tonight Megan is smarter than her dad when it comes to direction. It was pitch black out and we were coming from a strange direction when we left her school picnic...we barely ever drive this route and my husband was confused. Megan pointed out (let me remind you it is pitch black out) the playground we play on on occasion. Joe was still clueless.

I feel like I have dropped the ball with my blog. I do want to continue to update it with special events and such but I am just so busy. Right now I am Communications Officer on Megan and Olivia's schools PTO Board, I am troop leader for both of their Girl Scout Troops, I am on the Yearbook Committee, I do watch care and library aide...oh and let's not forget Kid Writing helper and now I am homeroom parent for Olivia's class. That is a full plate which leaves me no time for the computer. I will try to update more just for you mom, but can't promise!