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Thursday, April 30, 2009
But wanted to come and post that Olivia is writing her last name now....

and drum roll please....

Megan FINALLY has decided to write an "M".....YAY! I so wish I got a picture for you but she did it on the white board (and erased it before I got the camera) and we have more practice to do before I show off the finished product anyway!
Monday, April 20, 2009
Friday Night Carnival--

Saturday Morning Soccer Game--

Sunday Baseball--
Joey made a great play in the game. He was playing 2nd. The ball passed the 1st baseman and Joey backed him up....tripped....and managed to still tag the bag to get the runner out. Joe was able to get the play with the camera....very cool!

Has not gone the way we hoped. They botched the report pretty bad. I sent in my "discrepancy" letter today and hope to hear from them soon as placement is my main concern. I want to get it squared away before the school year is out. I want to see any classrooms they suggest in action. I still hope they consider the "least restrictive environment" first and do not blow me off. I do want to try and include Megan as long as possible in our home school. We loved our home school for Joey and Olivia will be going the following year. I will keep you all posted as the process continues.

Some updates:

Potty Training is no longer training, hooray! We are over 4 months in and have had 0 accidents in over 3 months, including at night. She will wake up in the middle of the night if she has to go, what a relief!

She scored an "orchestrated" goal at soccer this weekend. She is too funny and gets so mad when the girls "steal" the ball. She crosses her arms and refuses to move (I was a bit embarrassed). The coaches let her dribble the ball to the goal unattested and she scored and it made her motivated to continue.

Riding her bike:
I think she is now a semi pro on her bike. It is a tricycle and is too small and she needs a new one but she is too funny....She wants to ride it 24/7

I will post some pictures soon!
Thursday, April 16, 2009
It must be magic because when I try to get her to use those chubby little hands they do not work. BUT she can open any child proofing cabinet, drawer or door, she can dress her Polly Pockets, but write her name, NO WAY, can't do it...She just ripped open the yogurt and got herself a spoon out of the baby proofed drawer....MUST be magic ;)
Thursday, April 9, 2009

Joey won the 1st game ball of the season. He was awarded it on Tuesday night for his game this past Saturday. He had a single, stole home, knocked in a double to tie the game in the last inning, fielded several balls, played 2 good innings at 1st base and then pitched to close out the game and hold the other team. I see him improve every year I watch him. It is my most favorite thing to do. He makes me so proud. Here are some photos of him playing this past Saturday.

1st at bat...single

getting ready to steal home

blurry slide

called safe at home

Running the bases

Pitching to end the game

Happy Birthday to you!!!
Happy Birthday to you!!!
Happy Birthday dear Nana!!!!
Happy Birthday to you!!!!
Monday, April 6, 2009
I am a proud mother to my now Confirmed Joseph "John of God".....he is amazing!
He passed his final with flying colors and is one of those boys who raises his hand when the Bishop asks questions. Me, never, I would hide if I could. Here are pictures of the day

Joey and Nick (cousin/sponsor)

The girls

Joey and the Bishop

Megan and Pop Pop

Megan and Pop Pop
Sunday, April 5, 2009
Was a success! Megan scored a goal...but the stars aligned to do it!
The weather was dismal. It was FREEZING. The winds were blowing and it helped carry the ball into the goal...Didn't matter to Megan she celebrated just the same!
Megan's team is good they are aggressive for 5 year olds. So Megan got a few kicks in...but at the end of the game the coach held back the team and Megan went 1 on 1 and did it! She was very happy.
This was the 1st time the coaches got to meet Megan and it went well. They were very good with her. I cannot wait till better weather. I know she will do better.
I need to have Olivia and Joey play Megan in the back yard so she is used to people stealing the ball, LOL, let's say she crossed her arms and huffed and puffed in the game when it happened....she was not ready for that. Enjoy the pictures.

her teamate stealing the ball

Megan not so happy

Megan 1 on 1

Megan kicks and the wind carries it

Yup that ball is in the goal

I did it!

YAY Megan!

Running her victory lap

Mommy is soooooooooo proud!
Friday, April 3, 2009

My girls LOVE this book. And today Olivia had a wonderful tea party with her friend Sophia....so we came home and set one up for Megan when she got off the bus....So here are some pictures of it...notice the new glasses Megan are sporting! She always has to be POSH (that is Fancy Nancy)!