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Wednesday, April 28, 2010
DSRTF Volunteer Spotlight

This section of our website is dedicated to acknowledging parents, children, companies, community leaders and others who have gone above and beyond to support DSRTF and Down syndrome cognition research….

Thank you for all of your support!!!

* * * * *

Sarah Kearney- Yardley, PA

When Afton Elementary 3rd grader Sarah Kearney received a letter from her principal explaining the importance of "Acts of Kindness in the Community", Sarah was immediately on board.

Earlier this year Sarah met an amazing kindergartner named Megan Bissol. Megan was born with Down syndrome and after Sarah received the letter from her principle, she had an inspired idea. Sarah decided to get in touch with Megan’s mother to ask her all sorts of questions about Down syndrome. Sarah also wanted to do something to help Megan and everyone else living Down syndrome. Megan's mother immediately started telling Sarah about DSRTF and all the work the foundation is doing in the field of Down syndrome cognition research. After hearing about DSRTF, Sarah was "on it"!

Sarah asked the manager of the local Friendly's Langhorne restaurant to hold a fundraiser in honor of Megan to raise money for DSRTF. The event raised $632 and the night was amazing! Sarah's efforts will definitely make a difference and she plans to do this fundraiser again next year!

Everyone at DSRTF would like to extend a very special thank you to Sarah, Megan, Afton Elementary and everyone who attended the event at Friendly's Langhorne!!! Thank you all for your effort, generousity and support!
Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Life is not fair. Rest in Peace Sweet Carly.
Friday, April 23, 2010
Had to share. Today at the playground in the little tree house Megan held class. All her students were little boys...it was too funny she had them lined up facing her. She would tell them what to do and say and they would listen. She is always trying to imitate her teacher...she just loves her! I think I was most amazed today at how much more vocal she is being. I heard her say "Hi, I'm Megan, whats your name" several times....when she would get a response, she would then say "Hi __(fill in name)___"
And once Megan knows your name she won't forget it!
So proud of her lately!
Wednesday, April 14, 2010
Anyone out there who has BTDT please respond. I am thinking ahead to 1st grade. We have a perfect day set up for Megan right now but it is half day so there is more time in a day for therapy. I hate the idea of "pull-outs" but she will be full day so when will she get it? What do you give up...not math or reading or writing or specials? I hate the label on children who get pulled out, it disrupts everything and also makes the child feel different and left out. But do push-in's really work? Can the child get all they need in a classroom environment? Or do you spend your evenings going to private therapy? So much to think about...anyone out there have the perfect schedule let me know! Thanks!
So I have been absent on my blog for a while. Just been extremely busy with the kids and their activities. Megan and Olivia are both in dance and soccer, Megan started with her Daisy Troop, Joey is on 2 baseball teams and I am hoping to start up basketball again soon. Life doesn't get easier when the kids get older like I thought!
I need to upload some pictures but my monitor for my PC is busted and I can't store photos on my laptop. SO, we wait. Hopefully we will win the lottery or something and I can go out and buy things without saving first.

Megan has been doing extremely well at school. She just loves her teachers and her friends. Yesterday we got such a nice note on Megan's school work. The teacher was thrilled that Megan completed her worksheet completely independent w/o re-direction.

Next Tuesday the 20th, our school is doing a fundraiser for DSRTF. A third grader who helps Megan during lunch came up with the idea. If you go eat at Friendly's in Langhorne, PA between 5 and 8pm, 15% of your total bill will be donated in Megan's name to DSRTF. It was such a nice gesture that I am speechless. Megan's school has really welcomed her with open arms and we are blessed to have our community in our lives. If you are around, come out and have dinner with us!