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Monday, February 4, 2008
So you haven't heard from me since last week. Thursday was a hectic day. I had to take Megan in for a chest x-ray and while I was gone Olivia got really sick. My sister called me and I could hear her in the background and knew we had to take her in.
She saw the doctor and he told us she had a double ear infection so it looks like we will have to see the ENT for new tubes. She also had bad chest congestion.
He wanted to try Amoxicillian again although during her 1st year of life it never worked. So lets see if her body will work well with it now. He also had us start Mucenix with Olivia and Megan. Wellll, It made MEgan WORSE. She started puking up everything and she got a fever...next day puss starts oozing from her ear...a definite ear infection since she has tubes. So all weekend we have been sick and Joe and I had a wedding to go to Saturday night. The girls did behave though for my sister thank goodness. Thank you for watching my sickos Jam! Love ya!


Michelle said...

oh man sounds like she is miserable! Hope she feels better soon!