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Tuesday, March 11, 2008
Today at dance class was another parent visitation day.
I want to take a moment to brag on my kids!
Olivia sat so nicely the entire hour w/ no problems and Megan did FANTASTIC.
Meg sat on occasion because she tires easily....but she did most of the dance moves....and I got it all on tape. I just need some time to download/then upload it all and I will post!

p.s. We just got home last night from our mini get-away at Great Wolf and had a BLAST! I have footage of that too coming soon!!!!

p.s.s. If my Aunt Karen is reading this. I just wanted to say I LOVE YOU and thank you for all you do....what a wonderful email you sent to me.

For those of you wondering, my Aunt Karen shared the book "Gifts" with a family at her church and they are now going through the adoption process to ADOPT AN ANGEL!!!!
Please pray for the family. If I get any more details I will post! It is so nice to welcome new families to "The Club"!


~Melissa~ said...

Glad the dance class went well. Although I wouldn't have minded another funny video :)

How cool that the Gifts book made such a wonderful impression to that family!!

Four Powells said...

How exciting about the adoption!! I can't wait for the video...DJ and I both loved the last dance video! I play it in my head when I'm upset about something these days! LOL!