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Wednesday, June 11, 2008
Sorry to all my friends and family who are suffering along with me this week.
I have about 2 seconds for an update.
Daily schedule today:
Laundry in morning to wash baseball uniform from last night, breakfast, get dressed
12:00 Megan gets on the bus
12:30 Pick up Aunt Jamie
1:15 drop off donation letter and flyer to McCaffrey's for hamburgers
1:45 Stop at Y-Knot Knit for donation
2:30 pick Joey up from School
3:00 Doctor's appt
3:30 Megan off bus
4:30 Joey has time trials for swimming
5:15 Dress Rehearsal for Dance Recital
5:30 finish last inning of baseball game from last night
6:00 if win start next baseball game
8:30 p/u donations

So a pretty packed day today and I have called in reinforcements.
Joe will be home early and Aunt Jamie will be helping with babysitting.

And it all continues tomorrow....who would have thought Baseball playoffs would fall the same week as the Dance Recital.


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! You and Aunt Jamie are busy ladies.

JennyH said...

Hope it all goes smoothly!!

JennyH said...

I made a "blog role" on my page and added your blog to my list. If you prefer to NOT have your blog listed, please let me know.



Christina said...

Remember to enjoy it though! I can't wait to see pictures!

Stephanie said...

It truly ran so smoothly, I never once felt stressed which is a good thing!