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Wednesday, December 31, 2008
We had a great Christmas this year, although small it was very memorable.
Both Megan and Olivia were so much fun this year. Olivia nearly had a corinary with every gift. She enjoyed not only her Bitty Baby but her daddy's socks and underwear too. Megan was much more into Christmas this year and has a crush on Santa. That is pretty much all she would talk about. She is sad that he has gone back to the North Pole but understands he needs to prepare for next year.
Here are some pictures of the kids. They are still difficult to pose and I always end up giving up. I think I need a quicker camera, I always just miss the perfect shot.

Here they are in there usual mood:

Here are all 3 as nice as I could capture them:

Here is the family gift from Santa this year (courtesy of my parents). The girls love bird watching and they set this up right outside there window.


My name is Sarah said...

I love your Christmas dresses. THey are so pretty.

SunflowerMom said...

What beautiful little girls! So happy to see your blogs again, Stephanie. Happy New Year to you!