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Monday, January 5, 2009
I hope me writing it down does not jinx anything but all has been going fairly well. We do go days w/o accidents but we do have some here and there, mostly my fault. Megan seems to be understanding the sensation which I think was her previous issue. We are now in big girl underwear during the day and pull-ups at night. She is completely timed right now so she will only go when I put her on, she is not initiating it. Her pull-ups seem to be a crutch since for the past year and a half she has peed in them consistenly, they are diapers to her. So that is why we are going cold turkey with the undies. Tomorrow I will be sending her to school and dance class in undies for the 1st time so that will be the test of all tests. It is a big week for us here!


The Parker Family said...

YEAH for Megan! We love you & know you can do it. You are such a big girl! Lacey sends you hugs & kisses~

JennyH said...

YAY! Hope all goes well at school. Potty training with Max was such a huge, long process. I don't envy you!