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Tuesday, November 3, 2009
Is it contagious or what? LOL

I really tried NOT to look at Recee's Rainbow (I know that sounds terrible).
For me it was easier to ignore it cause when I paid attention I cried.
The more my friends started adopting the more I questioned in my head "why"...."how can they afford this"..."isn't it too stressful on their families"...so I started looking at the site wondering....reading blogs, looking at pictures.
I stared at faces wondering how each of my friends happened upon their chosen one. What drew them to a particular child? Did they decide on a child or a country, did they look domestically first? This all just seems like so much work.

I can not explain for me what changed in my head or what makes me go back to the same picture everyday wondering what this orphaned child is doing. If she is loved, kissed, played with, fed good food...if she is warm at night, if she longs for a family or if she is happy and content where she is (not knowing the looming fate that is ahead if she doesn't get adopted). So for now, we have pictures in all our rooms, we are praying hard, we are soul searching and working on things at home that need to be taken care of, I am working EXTRA hard on making my husband get to the same place I am....so for now we are just going to start raising money and getting people to pay attention. We can do that! I am hoping in the mean time God speaks to us and tells us his plan (cause sometimes I truly think that is what my husband is waiting for).
I know my thoughts are all over the place but I really wanted to get them out there, I wanted others to know it is on our hearts and minds too all of the time.
This will probably be shocking to some considering I haven't really said all this out loud to anyone yet, not even family.

Olivia asks me everyday, "Are we going on the airplane today to get my sister"....I know she already loves her! We have talked a lot about all the children who need a home and I know she would bring them all home if she could!


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

OMG!!!!!! SOOOOO SOOOOO excited!!! You have to tell me WHO so I know who can be my Reece's Rainbow ANGEL this year!!!! I already had my favorite, but I will TOTALLY give to YOUR daughter and we want to PRAY! Dang, if I were in the country I would be on the phone to you right now!! :) SO excited!

Bethany said...

Holy crap! I was wondering why you had sked me those questions! You really are in a different place because I'm pretty sure you and Joe thought we were nuts for adopting Nika! LOL. Yay!!!

Sumithra said...

I came upon your blog a few months ago and have become a big fan of Megan ever since.

It so exciting to know that another cute angel is going to find a loving home. I had been following Kellsey's adoption story and it has been a great inspiration. Every now and then, the thought of adoption crosses my mind too. But, then the same doubt of affordability takes over. Its so inspiring and happy to see people like you and Renee. Good luck on your adoption journey.

Kim said...

I know what you are talking about, Stephanie. Hey, I'll pray for your family (and your husband), and please will you pray for mine. Hubby is on board, but we don't technically qualify (no medical insurance, or not the right kind at least), oh yeah, and no money! ;)

Leah said...

OHmigosh!!!!! That is very exciting! I know EXACTLY what you mean, because MY heart has been there well over a year, but Dean's is very much not. (though sometimes he says things that make me wonder!) And so I continue to pray for Dean's heart. Not that it turn to wanting to adopt, but that his heart and mine can be in the same place...which might mean **I** need to think differently. Whatever it is, I just keep praying that God makes it clear to me, to Dean, and to us as a family. And yeah, you have to tell which child!!!!

heidi marie said...

for the past several months i have always had adoption in the back of my mind. it is something that we just can not do right now and i know that. but it is a real possibility in a couple years. justin and i have talked about it quite a few times. i would really love to adopt a child through reece's rainbow. when i think about it and i think about my doubts, i know deep down that we could give a child a wonderful and loving home no matter what. and i know that we could obviously give them so much more than an orphanage or institution could. i'm glad that i have the bug as you put it now, and that we can't right now. so that in a couple years when i know we financially can...if that bug is still there than it is obvious what we should do ;)

Christina said...

I think that is SO cool!!! I pray that God gives you a clear vision of what it is He has in store for your family!

Michelle said...

I know what you mean...I look at those faces and there is a part of me that wants to bring one of those sweet little, innocent, children 'home' to a real family. I'm not quite there yet, I am already stressed as a mom and feel guilty about my parenting skills with my own two kids, just not sure how great I would be for a third child. And it all seems so overwhelming. In the meantime I just continue to pray and support the different kids, financially, when I'm able to.

good luck with your decision!

JennyH said...

I understand too! I have pictures of 2 little boys up on my frig right now. My hubby thinks I'm completely crazy. So I know how you feel.