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Tuesday, September 5, 2006
So we are home! It went better than hoped. Megan talked ALOT...of course! She doesn't always use her words but for some reason she gets a kick out of showing off for new people. So they were thrilled with her speech and signing. She also showed off that she knew her colors....she was able to put the button over top the appropriate colors.

As for OT and fine motor, they saw a good delay which is nice since she has only started OT in January and they will make sure she definetly gets that.

They got to see her pretend play skills as she poured them all tea and took care of the baby they gave her.

Hopefully she didn't do so well that she doesn't get enough services.
We are hoping that they place her in at least 3 --1/2 days a week.
She will start in which ever program they choose and I agree of course on Nov. 9th....not too far away.

Our IEP meeting will be on October 16.