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Tuesday, September 5, 2006
So tomorrow we go to our Evaluation for the IU! Seems to be a scary word for some. I have bittersweet feelings for the transition. I am excited for Megan to grow into a "BIG" girl but also sad to see her growing up so fast.
The other day we were at the hospital for an ENT appointment and Megan walked around the waiting room with a baggie full of fishies and pretzels and waved and said HI to all the passing kids. She climbed up onto one of the waiting room sofas and made herself comfortable. I asked her if she would share with her sister cause Livi wanted some too and so Megan climbed down, walked over to us, grabed a hand-full of snacks and put them on Livi's tray, turned around, walked back to the couch, saying HI to everyone again and climbing back up to eat some more (see, she can't say a ton, but she understands EVERY WORD ).
I watched her in amazement... for to me, that was my 1st glimpse at her independence. She was a "BIG" girl! I guess I just didn't notice when it happened. sniff sniff

Tonight...tonight was amazing... we had "Community Pride Day." WE were there in town all day, going on the moon bounce, running up and down hills, eatting funnel cake and watching the "Battle of the Bands"...well, this band called Disciples of Rock or something like that went up to play there music. Not too many were even paying attention to them playing...the crowd was sparce. Well, my Megan walked right up to the stage, plopped herself down and danced the night away. At the end of the bands set, they asked me her name and dedicated the last song to their number 1 fan. It was so cute. Megan's face did the OH when she heard her name. IT was so cool!!!!
There was also a group of teenagers near by...well MEgan walked over to one of them and she was very stand-offish...kind of grabbed her purse and flinched from her....well Megan kept going and Joe followed her. I sat and listened to the group of kids (like 4 or 5 boys and girls) say did you see that little girl (I thought by the reaction that they were gonna say something mean) she is soooo beautiful and cute....and one of the boys even agreed. I noticed the stand-offish girl relax a little and say yeah, she was a cutie....It melted my heart into a million tiny pieces!!!!

Well, I babbled alot here, I guess I just have a lot on my mind and wanted to share with you all! I will post once the meeting is over and I have the "official" suggestion on her placement. She will start the day after her birthday. So the time is coming close!