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Thursday, August 16, 2007
Well I am very disappointed right now. After reading about a friends son who had yet another surgery to correct bowel/intestine issues (he will have 3 months of incontinence from this and he is only 2). I decided to contact Pampers to see if they would consider sending extra coupons for this family in need. This was there response:

Thanks for contacting Pampers, Stephanie.

We wish we could help, but we receive an overwhelming amount of
donation requests from many people and organizations. Since we get so many
requests, our Company primarily focuses giving at a national level and to
local agencies in the communities where we have operations.

P&G also contributes to health and social service organizations through
annual gifts to local United Way agencies. Perhaps Zack's family will

in some way benefit from our donations by connecting with non-profit
organizations or social services in your area.

We do have special offers from Pampers for new parents to periodically
receive coupons, samples or product information. To join, just
complete the online form at http://us.pampers.com/en_US/signup.do

Although we're unable to provide the assistance you requested, we wish
Zack and his family well.

Pampers Team

This was my response to them:
Well I am sorry to hear that. That disappoints me greatly.
I was not asking for a monetary donation. It was just for extra coupons to help out a family in need.
I will make sure to pass this information on to my network of parenting friends.

So I am posting this here to pass it on.


Christina said...

That does Suck! I will let my people's know too! DO you mind if I link you on my blog with this post?

~Melissa~ said...

I won't buy them either - what a crummy response.

Megan's got 47 said...

No, please go ahead and link. I am so angry I bought Luvs last night...LOL