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Friday, August 17, 2007
Oh how I hate to FIX problems of companies that I pay so much money to and get nothing in return. I calculated that in 5 months I have paid Verizon over $1800...

I got a call from Verizon Wireless yesterday at 6pm while out with a friend telling me they were shutting off my cell phones unless I made a payment over the phone.
Ummm. I just paid Verizon $205 for August.
Verizon Wireless: Well, it shows you haven't paid since June.
Me: That's right because I bundled my phone, TV, internet and cell phone into one bill in June and it went into effect in July.
Verizon Wireless: Well it doens't show here that you are set up for that.
Me: Well, my bill that I just paid does.
Verizon Wireless: Well, you will need to call Verizon and tell them they need to pay us.
Me: HUH! You call, I don't work for Verizon and I paid my bill.
VW: I can't do that mama' you'll have to do it.
Me: I don't get paid by Verizon, you do! I am the customer that you so rudely called and threated to turn off my service, YOU CALL AND FIGURE IT OUT!

Well guess who has wasted there whole day on the phone with Verizon because they are all idiots! That's right...ME!
So I am on the phone today w/ VW and they said "Verizon has TV service, huh"
YEAH! This is what I am up against NO ONE AT VERIZON HAS A CLUE! VW doesn't know anything about Phone, Internet or TV and the rest of them can't figure out billing so I am working all day to figure it out for them and am not getting paid.
Should I submit my own bill to Ivan the CEO of Verizon.
I am pissed.
AND the kicker, it is Friday night, 6pm and it is still not straightened out! I am up for such a GREAATTT weekend! CAN YOU HEAR THE SARCASIM in my voice.

Oh did you ever her my story about the Verizon man (if not you should)....so, I think I am going to contact a lawyer and sue Verizon for all my anxiety problems!
What do you all think!


Christina said...

Sue em!!!!!! :)

The Powell Family said...

Well don't go to Sprint...it's not any better!!

L. Noelle said...

Is Verizon your only choice where you live? I would be FURIOUS!@!!! I would also DEFINITELY call the CEO, Write and tell them you are posting a video on Youtube about your experiences! Seriously! They take this stuff seriously. You could probably get a few months free for your turmoil! $1,800 in 5 months>????? WHAT??? That's insanity! I couldn't do it!
We have Vonage (internet) for our phone service (we love it) $20.00 a month, Comcast for cable and internet, $55.00 a month and cell phone, Metro PCS, Flat monthy, all you can call service, $50.00 a month. I've been right where you are! Fed up!
I've been through AT@T, Verizon, Sprint, you name it! I finally feel like I'm not getting ROBBED by all of the phone/cable companies! I would definitely speak your mind to whomever you can! Also, tell them you have a very popular blog and that you wrote about your experience!!!