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Thursday, July 31, 2008
ok, I wanted to switch providers for my website Megansgot47.com so I cancelled my Yahoo account and now my blogger account is blank (notice there is no background?). What do I do? I wanted to use blogger and buy megansgot47.com but it wasn't that easy since I already owned it through Yahoo. Anyone who is good with this stuff please post here and HELP....I would normally bug Rebecca who set it up the 1st time but she is a new grandmom, so she is busy! Thanks anyone!


datri said...

I think you have a problem, because technically, Yahoo OWNS that domain name, not you. I checked the WHOIS domain registration on Network Solutions. It doesn't expire until 6/6/09. So, if you want to tranfer the domain somewhere else, you have to go through Yahoo, as far as I know. Good luck!