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Monday, July 7, 2008
So today I walked into Megan's dance studio because Joe left a book there during Hell Week. Megan's teacher Ms. Sharon was there for summer classes and asked to talk to me in her office.
Ms. Sharon told me that when I came in with Megan to sign up for dance she doubted herself. She wasn't so sure she would be able to handle a child with a disability. She never conveyed this to me. She was so postitive when I brought Megan to her last September. She was the one who told me all children had "special needs."
Ms. Sharon continued on to tell me that Megan stole a piece of her heart this past year and it has made her start thinking about things. She asked me if I would be ok with her starting a 501 C (non profit) and to name it "Megan's Friends". That Megan has inspired her and made her not doubt that she can touch anyone like she has Megan. That she can teach ALL kids to dance.
I of course balled my eyes out and told her that it was an awesome idea and then she asked me to help her with it!


Bethany said...

That is so awesome Steph!

Kathy said...

super cool!!! that's terrific.

Michelle said...

That is truly amazing!!!

Christina said...

that is really awesome Stephanie!

Michelle said...

oh my gosh I would have been bawling my eyes out too! That is so sweet - what an impact she obviously did make on that dance instructor!

Hey which hotel in Boston are you staying at? Since you're getting in on Thur are you free on Fri (or are you going to the preconference workshops?). We're trying to plan going to the Children's Museum on Fri - maybe around 1030? Would you like to meet up there? Or maybe later for lunch?

JennyH said...

That's awesome!! Glad to hear that Megan had such impact on the teacher. I look forward to hearing all about it.

Mary said...

Wow! Isn't it amazing how our children become teachers in so many ways?

Stephanie said...

I won't have MEgan with me this year. Boo Hoo.
But wanted to share this post from downsyn with you.

Post subject: Museum & Aquarium admission


there is a card for discounted attractions for kids via the convention and visitors center. If you are planning to go to the Franklin park Zoo, or the Aquarium, print off page one of this site and use the ValuePASS to get a one adult=1 free child pass for each, plus TONS of other discounts.

Chris said...

Looks at what your Megan has done in her busy little life! Just think of all the children who will be welcomed, accepted, and taught to dance all because of YOUR LITTLE GIRL !!!

Oh, if the world were filled with more people like Ms. Sharon, what a wonderful world it would be!