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Monday, April 20, 2009
Friday Night Carnival--

Saturday Morning Soccer Game--

Sunday Baseball--
Joey made a great play in the game. He was playing 2nd. The ball passed the 1st baseman and Joey backed him up....tripped....and managed to still tag the bag to get the runner out. Joe was able to get the play with the camera....very cool!


nicki mcfadden said...

WOW those are great! Absolutly love the pics of Megan playing soccer :)

Ruby's Mom said...

Great pictures! Cool pictures of your son's baseball game!

datri said...

What fun pictures!!

aj said...

GREAT play Joey - way to hustle! boy do i miss playing softball :(

heidi marie said...

great pics! i especially love the ones of megan playing soccer. she is so cute!!

My name is Sarah said...

Wow looks so fun. You sure were a big girl on those rides Megan.

SunflowerMom said...

Meagan, you are the cutest girl ever! How brave you are on the rollercoaster! Wow! I am so in awe of all you have done this year! WTG on the potty success and yeah on handwriting!

You have some awesome siblings, too!