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Thursday, April 16, 2009
It must be magic because when I try to get her to use those chubby little hands they do not work. BUT she can open any child proofing cabinet, drawer or door, she can dress her Polly Pockets, but write her name, NO WAY, can't do it...She just ripped open the yogurt and got herself a spoon out of the baby proofed drawer....MUST be magic ;)


Courtney said...

Koby too is some sort of magician. David Blaine look out...Megan and Koby are on your trail!

ps: I still can't figure out how a kid who is smart enough to understand EVERY SINGLE THING I tell him, or ask him to do. Can spell his name, knows Every One's name he ever met, and knows how to play hide and seek...can't use the potty???

heidi marie said...

haha. don't you know that's how magic works ;)

Mary said...

So its magic? I always thought God just had a sense of humour.

wendy said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog.
We have a daughter Claire who has down syndrome. She is also having trouble holding a pencil,and has low muscle tone. She is such a trooper with all the doctors and therapist, I am always amazed at the courage of this sweet child.
I just started my blog and am hoping to get more pictures on it soon. ( I'm still learning how to do that!).Have a wonderful weekend!