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Friday, May 29, 2009
I was very overwhelmed last night. Dress rehearsal is a chance to get in your videotaping and pictures because you cannot do that at the actual recital.
Well 1st, the girls were at opposite ends of the stage so I could not get them both in the actual videotaping. My zoom was broken off the video camera and so I could not zoom in or out and it was slightly out of focus. So of course instead of enjoying my talented beautiful children I got stressed, flustered and upset. They truly were amazing.
My sister used my new camera to get some pictures but couldn't figure out the settings and so most pictures are blurry. BUT I'M OK today just a little upset still. I will share what I have and start trying to find others who got some better pictures. I am pretty sure my friend Paula got some good shots of my girls.

Here is before when we were waiting in line for pictures

The girls with their best friend Sophia

The girls after the certain opened

Worst of all you never call baby when you say you will
Can you tell Megan is on the phone, totally in character ;)

Olivia was checking her dance teacher and followed her lead to remember this part of the dance

Megan adding in a wave to us as she was taping....she is good at making us feel loved!

I will add the video I took soon. I am going to try and get my friend Paula's video too since her daughter was right next to Megan.


Cheri said...

They are so adorable!!

My name is Sarah said...

Love,love,love it. Beautiful costumes, darling moves and great smiles.

Julie said...

My beautiful daughter danced for 7 years before deciding to call it quits and your pictures remind me how much I loved all of that! Your girls are just gorgeous and I know you're having so much fun. Enjoy it!

amy flege said...

they look gorgeous! and it looks like they did great steph!! you must be proud!!

Leah said...

They are both beautiful!!!! I hope you get to post a video!

beth said...

Gorgeous! Do they have a video you can purchase of the recital? It sounds just like Hannah's ballet. We can't take pictures or videos the day of the recital. Good luck to both girls! Can't wait to see the video!

Stephanie said...

Yes, I may have to purchase the video....$30 I think!

datri said...

Oh what amazing pictures! They are just too cute!

JennyH said...

Those are SO adorable!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

SOOOOO cute!!!! I LOVE IT!