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Tuesday, May 5, 2009
Megan is doing so well with her site words. We have our house labeled with words and Velcro so you can remove them. I have been lax in going over them with her the past few months and she totally lost what she knew. Well the past 2 days (Monday and today) Megan has got them all down again, so well that she was whispering the answers to Olivia. Megan is SO visual that she can identify the word like an image. Olivia is polar opposite. Olivia is working on sounding out the words. It should be fun to have to teach reading in 2 totally different ways.

Megan made me so proud tonight! Tomorrow I promise to video!


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Can't wait to see it! We finally have our house labeled too but I haven't gone over it much. I need to work on that.

Cathy said...

Hey just popped over from downsyn.
You might like to give this online reading program a go with Olivia. It’s Reading Eggs ABC http://readingeggs.com/ you can join for 2 weeks free and you will know in that time if it’s right for yoru DD. My mum joined Matthew then 4years my child without Ds, and he was reading in 6weeks, I’t’s amazing. It didn’t work for my sisters DD, 6mths older than my son, but you never know, if your DD is interested in works reading… like my son is then it might just be the thing for her.

Our subscription was free for a few moths as we were, part of the launch. We brought the book packs, but they haven’t brought out any more for their new worlds, so we made them, Matt loves them so much.
Also one thing I did (bad mummy here) I let Matthew have free range with the computer in that 6weeks lol the child never wanted to get off, and I didn’t’ care. I just thought we will give this 100% of a chance and see what happens, we were all so impressed with it. A few times I had to sit with him, more for encouragement though. All the best .

Also it might be really good for Megan, as well. I thought of Olivia only because you said she learns by sounding out words… and there is lots of that…