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Wednesday, August 5, 2009
Our new team has put my fears of Kindergarten to rest. I was nervous that somehow she wasn't wanted there and she was going to be a burden and I would have to fight for what I wanted but that is not the case. The principal, the special ed supervisor and our case worker have made our experience so far exceptional. They have been so positive about Megan being in the right place and it has made me relax. I can now enjoy my girl growing up and moving on knowing we made the right choice.

I mentioned today in the meeting that a friend "Marlene, Aleena's mom" (I know this is not the case now) was doing AM and PM. So I mentioned that Megan would not do any pull-outs during one of the sessions and she could experience the class like the other children and then in the PM she could receive her therapies...and they all loved the idea. They are now going to work on logistics and see how they can extend the one on one for a few more hours.

So this is exactly how the day would work. Megan would take the van to school and be met by the 1 on 1. The 1 on 1 would walk her to the class room and get her settled. Meg would do the entire AM with her class w/ the 1 on 1 present. The 1 on 1 would take her to lunch at dismissal and then to another short recess w/ 1st grade and then she would do PM and have her therapists in and out of the room.
This would give Megan the chance to finish her work she started in AM which may take her longer and also have a double presentation to help her retain it better.
I hope this all works out and gets put in place soon so we can prepare.

Very excited about this!


Cammie Heflin said...

That sounds like a great plan! Glad it's worked out for Megan!

Mary said...

That sounds like a wonderful idea.

datri said...

Sounds like a wonderful plan! Glad you and the school are able to work as a team on this.

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Steph!!! I'm SO glad they finally got on the ball and got it figured out! This sounds perfect and I'm glad you're happy! I can't wait to hear all about Megan's year! I still can't believe our girls are going to Kindergarten. *sniff* Makes me want to cry! LOL I'm sure I will. Tomorrow. All Day. LOL

JennyH said...

Yay, hope it all works out for her.

Good luck in K Megan. You'll do great!

Cheri said...

That sounds like a FABULOUS plan...I love the idea of her having an "interruption free" morning session, and then allowing her the time in the afternoon to finish any work she might not have completed...it will also be so good to have her hear everything one more time that was taught in the morning...even if it is just background noise as she is completing work. I love the blog world...you learn so much!!! We still have a couple years before our kindergarten IEP...we are just starting the 3 yr old one for preschool....but I will definitely keep this idea in the back of my mind for Reid's schooling options later. :)

Steve said...

We have adaughter who will be in K and has DS. How many services will she be getting in the afternoon? Does she ride the van with other kids her age, does she get to school on time? These are some issues we have had to address with our school. Why does she ride a van and not a bus with "typical kids"?

Laura said...

I love your blog! My daughter with DS will start kindergarten in the fall of 2010 so this particular post was interesting to me. Thankfully the meetings I have had with our district so far (for CPSE) have all went well. Appaprently there will be quite a few kids with DS entering our particular district in the next year so I think this will be good for us. Anyway thanks for the wonderful blog. Megan is a real cutie!

Stephanie said...

Steve, good questions.

The transportation is completely my choice. I think for Kindy I will want her in the van to give her time to grow. She is still tiny for a 5 almost 6 year old.
A friend said, if Olivia (my 4 old) had the choice of the van vs. the bus, wouldn't you want whats safest? I thought that was a good point. While the van is an option I will take what has seat belts.

There hopefully will be no issues with time but if there are I will let you know but I do not forsee that being an issue.

As for services, she will receive PT, ST and OT all during the AM kindy w/ no interruption in the PM.
They will do what they call "push-in" where the therapist does the therapy while the class is going on. Speech will be the only service we will get both push-in and pull out. She gets 1 hour week of ST, 30 min of PT and OT a week.

Steve said...

Her schedule sounds great. We had an issue with our school. They were getting our daughter to school 10 min late every day (50 min a week..)becasue the bus with seatbelts was on a different schedule. We pulled her from that and I took her to school everyday so she wouldn't miss class time and so she wouldn't be different than an other student. We addressed the issue at the end of last year and they tried to tell us that it would be the same schedule again this year but with much pushing and help from an advocacy group they are now going to provide an aid on a regular bus becasue of safty issues. What they were doing was against the law. It seems, and I hope, your school is much more considerate.