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Thursday, May 6, 2010
Hi Mr. and Mrs. Bissol,

Good evening! I just wanted to take a moment to touch base regarding the wonderful things we are seeing lately with Megan. We sent home to you today, a copy of the Kid Writing that she did today. You can see how clear the letters look in the words mom and Olivia! I have been sounding out words for her and she is almost always correctly identifying the letter that makes the sounds! We are still working on forming the letters independently, but this is tremendous progress from the beginning of the year. Also, I have noticed that Megan is forming sentences that are much longer and detailed than earlier in the year. Today she went on and on about Mom, Dad, playing...it was awesome!! I didn't want to wait another day to let you know of all of the positive progress we see happening in Kindergarten!
Enjoy your evening! See you soon!

Thank you,

Megan's Kindergarten Teacher

sniff sniff, proud mommy moment!


Sharon said...

That's so cool. I'm so happy for you all. Great work Megan.