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Thursday, August 17, 2006
My girls are CRAZY today!  They have been eatting like banchees...LOL
But they are soooo cute!
I just love the way they interact and play together.
Their new thing is Ring-Around-The-Rosey and chasing each other while giggling.
I will have to figure out the Video so that I  can upload one to myspace.

Megan had PT this morning and is doing really well, she has been doing her squatting more frequently and she is starting to get  better control of her balance and directional movements!!!! 

On a side not, I searched and found a bunch of people from HS.  This place is so cool!!!!  I really look forward to hearing from Dutka and Shannon and the others I tried adding to myspace!  My DH and I have not heard from Dutka since our wedding, so we will be thrilled to hear from him!!!!