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Monday, April 21, 2008
Get out and VOTE tomorrow!
Joe will be at the polls all day handing out sample Republican ballots.
Ron Paul needs all the supporters he can get.
YES, he is still in the Republican Race!

This makes for some interesting information, please watch:


Christina said...

Will he be on the ballot in November or no? For some weird reason I thought he was running as independant so that he could be on the ballot. This political stuff has me SO confused! I don't like McCain and I DEFINATELY don't like the two Dems'!

Stephanie said...

He will not be on the ballot in November unless he secures the Republican nomination. John McCain is the "presumptive" nominee but Ron Paul could take delegates at the National Convention (Brokered)....it is a long shot but could happen.

Stephanie said...

Fighting the Republican machine is so hard. I am so disheartened this morning. Why is it so damn hard to get a TRUE CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN elected? Why are people blinded to McCain, he has no morals that a TRUE REPUBLICAN would have yet he is the one getting the votes. I am becoming bitter....I almost don't believe the results, like a bigger hand is involved in the numbers. It is so hard when you put so much time into something and see no results.
PLEASE GOOGLE RON PAUL if you read this, he should be our Republican nominee. He should be the one you all want as president. Why would we want someone with no ECONOMIC experience running our country during a recession? What is going on here? Are we as American's blind? Are we truly being heard?