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Thursday, April 17, 2008
WOW! I just bought that book last week at Barnes and Noble. I was so excited to walk in and see it sitting on the shelves in my store right next to Gifts. The shelves full and fresh. Last time my visit showed our book needed re-stocking, so this is a good sign that people are buying it! To see Jennifer and Avery on the cover of the book and being a continuous reader on Pinwheels, I felt like I personally knew the author of the book and was so proud to pick it up. I love the smell of a brand new book. I was so excited to add it to my library of books. So proud of Jennifer's accomplishment, I told all my friends about her and how she also has a story in Gifts and that she was my friend (on-line). I still feel that some people roll their eyes at that idea of meeting someone online. I feel like half my friends today that I talk to regularly are from my online community.

I am not finished the book yet. I am still reading as I only wish I could just sit for hours and finish all at once but the girls will not allow that. I am almost embarrassed to say I am living through Jennifer as I read the book. After finishing the chapter "some days are better than others"...I find myself in the grocery store buying a chicken to roast. That sounded really good when I read it, very comforting....but I do steer clear of the bakery to avoid any obnoxious clerks who might be eying up my Megan ;)

As I type this I want to give Jennifer a big hug and tell her she has put down the words so clearly. It is almost like having a diary for myself. It reminds me of my journey with Megan and it is refreshing to actually read the words that I only ever thought in my head. My husband does not read books, but he will read this one. He has already mentioned that if it can make me buy chicken and cook a nice meal, that he is ready to sign up!

Well, I actually have about 15 minutes of spare time and want to get back to the book....Jennifer, if you read this, I LOVE YA! I AM PROUD OF YOU! And this book will mean so much to so many! Now today, your name will be mentioned with the likes of Martha Beck, Emily Perl Kingsley, Martha Sears and Joan Guthrie Medlen.


Mary said...

Thanks to Stacy from Blessed Chaos, I'm currently reading Road Map to Holland and am in the chapter, Some Days Are Better Than Others. Like you, I can only read a few pages at a time. I'm hoping to finish it this weekend.