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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Stephanie said...
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Stephanie said...

I keep messing up my comment, sorry!

I wanted to be the 1st to comment before haters post here.

WHY in the world would anyone want John McCain, Hillary or Obama to be the president.
It is our duty as a CITIZEN of the US to know all our presidential choices and then make a educated decision on who would be best suited. To hear "Who is Ron Paul" or "Oh Ron Paul, he dropped out of the race" is absurd. Do your homework people.
To narrow it down to the Three Stooges is INSANE.
Ron Paul's message has been silenced by the media and most of you have let it happen by voting for 1 of those 3 Stooges.
IT IS NOT OVER. Ron Paul may not be elected President but his message will never go away or be silenced. His Army of supporters are only going to fight harder to be heard.


Ivanhoe said...

That is what's great about America. The Freedom! You can vote for whomever you want to & post on your blog whatever you want to :o))))
Have a happy WW!

Maya said...

that's a message. happy WW!

Milk Mama said...

Yup! We have a freedom to vote for whoever we want.

I voted for the prez. ;D