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Sunday, August 3, 2008
So tonight I decided to perform an old summer family ritual...braiding wet hair.
Did anyone else ever do this?
My sister and I did it all the time so we had the permed look when we woke up.
So tonight after baths we sat and watched Caillou and braided hair.
Olivia and Megan enjoyed handing me the rubber bands and being girly girls.
Here is Part 1. I will post Part 2 tomorrow so you can see the rocker hair.
BTW, the band aide is because Meg got sun poising on her nose and it is the only way to keep the medicine on.


Kristen said...

Are you kidding???!!! I STILL do this sometimes!!! LOL! Can't wait to see tomorrow's final product!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Can't wait to see part 2!!! I used to do this to Kassidy ALL the time! LOL

~Melissa~ said...

I LOVED doing this when I was a kid!!!

Chris said...

Did anyone do this? You ask?


I think I may go braid my hair now!