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Thursday, August 7, 2008

This awesome family with a little brother with Down Syndrome made this flyer. If young kids can find issue with the movie how come Hollywood can't?

I am here asking all my friends and family to please boycott this movie.
Please do not let Ben, Jack, Bob and Tom make any money off of exploiting those with developmental disabilities. I am shocked and offended that actors whom I always enjoyed watching are making fun of people who are mentally handicapped. To read more about the premise of the movie, click here.

It is so hurtful. And after reading my friend McKenna's post, I do not think I could say it any better than her. So here is her post:

"Never Go Full Retard? Are you kidding?

This is definitely not the first time I've been disappointed in Hollywood, but I think this may be the first time I am actually HURT by Hollywood. Ben Stiller's new film, Tropic Thunder has crossed the line. DreamWorks Production has agreed to meet with many representatives from disability rights organizations at 5pm Pacific today. To be honest, I don't know what can come from this meeting other than prevention of further damage. I will be very surprised if the scene is not pulled, but the hurt has already been caused. Sticks and stones may break my bones, and WORDS HURT Mr. Ben Stiller, Mr. Robert Downey Jr, Mr. Jack Black, Mr. Tom Cruise, and Hollywood!! My daughter has an intellectual disability and is not able to defend herself because of her age and her cognitive ability. How dare you use her medical diagnosis of mental retardation as an opportunity to put more money in your pockets. Shame on YOU!

The term "mental retardation" is being replaced with intellectual disability because of this misuse. This isn't the first time this has happened. You know those words, "idiot" and "moron." Those once used to belong to people like my little girl as medical diagnosis and we all know what happened to those words. How wrong is it that my daughter needs a new "term" because of the abuse of her medical diagnosis by people of average intelligence? How long until people start taking the new terminology and abusing it as well?

I have an idea....let's just abort every child with a disability before they're born and we won't have this problem! Let's just wipe our world clean of people with Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, etc... and while we're at it, go ahead and take me out of that world, too, because I'm 5'10" tall and that's just not "normal!" Everyone with large noses can have their lives spared as long as they get plastic surgery.

My daughter has to fight against this ridiculous ideology that she is "not normal" and "different" and "lucky she wasn't aborted" every day for the rest of her life and I'm going to do everything I can so she doesn't have to fight against the mockery and "harmless jokes" as well!

Race discrimination is off limits (as it should be!) but discrimination against individuals with intellectual disabilities has a green light. ENOUGH! I have usually excused comments that I hear everyday: "I'm so retarded," "what a retard," because I know in my heart they are not intentionally or purposefully directed at someone with an intellectual disability. Well, enough! Intentional or not, stop it! Use it properly or don't use it at all!

Leave my child, my friend's children, and the many individuals in our world who work harder than any of you alone! ENOUGH!!"


Anonymous said...

Oh HELL NO!!! That is NOT acceptable. Who would ever think it is okay to speak that way about those with mental disabilities? WTF man...WTF!!!!

Stephanie said...

Thanks Shirley! I knew you would think so! PASS IT ON!

PeggMackoDesigns said...

This just gives us another reason NOT to see this ridiculous (and obviously not funny) movie! How can we directly tell them all that they've crossed the line?

Stephanie said...

Pegg, The down syndrome group I am involved in online has all been sending letters to Dream Works and People Magazine who gave the movie 3 1/2 out of 4 stars @@....hopefully we get somewhere.

Cheryl Lage said...

THANK YOU for posting this! What an awful sentiment very thinly (and wrongly) offered as "humor."

We will not see this movie.

The Parker Family said...

I took your post and put it on my blog lol!! Isn't that what friends are for lol~~

Cheri said...

Stephanie, I just received an update from the Down Syndrome Association I am involved in, in LA. Our president was present at the meeting with Dreamworks...I can forward it to you if you would like and see if you want to post it on this website...I am waiting for my blog to be submitted to the listings on the Gifts website so can't post yet... or at least I don't think I can :)

Thanks for sharing Megan with us all, she is so adorable!!


Scary Mommy said...

Wow. That is unbelievable. I will not see the movie and will share what you have posted. How disgusting. :(

STFU said...

WTF is wrong with all of you? Its not puruposefully making fun of them, and there have been countless movies that make fun of people, and all of a sudden everyone decides to snap and freak out, well i think your all a waste of fucking time. It was meant to be funny, and if you actualy go to the movie before taking someone elses advice, you might actually like it. Its a weird random movie, that i found funny, so before you go all fuckin nuts and try to bring them down, THEY WERE JUST DOING IT FOR OTHERS ENTERTAINMENT, so shove your god dam arguements up your ass and shut the fuck up and let us watch our movies.

Stephanie said...

STFU, are you angry? ROFLOL...why not come back and share your name and email address with us???

I am sorry that you clinge so tightly to your movies? Maybe we should talk. I think you need someone to talk to.