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Sunday, April 5, 2009
Was a success! Megan scored a goal...but the stars aligned to do it!
The weather was dismal. It was FREEZING. The winds were blowing and it helped carry the ball into the goal...Didn't matter to Megan she celebrated just the same!
Megan's team is good they are aggressive for 5 year olds. So Megan got a few kicks in...but at the end of the game the coach held back the team and Megan went 1 on 1 and did it! She was very happy.
This was the 1st time the coaches got to meet Megan and it went well. They were very good with her. I cannot wait till better weather. I know she will do better.
I need to have Olivia and Joey play Megan in the back yard so she is used to people stealing the ball, LOL, let's say she crossed her arms and huffed and puffed in the game when it happened....she was not ready for that. Enjoy the pictures.

her teamate stealing the ball

Megan not so happy

Megan 1 on 1

Megan kicks and the wind carries it

Yup that ball is in the goal

I did it!

YAY Megan!

Running her victory lap

Mommy is soooooooooo proud!


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Awww those brought tears to my eyes!!! WTG Megan! Kameron never liked it when other people stole the ball either! LOL

Kristen said...


Ruby's Mom said...

That's so exciting! Yay, Meagan!!

Ruby's Mom said...

oops!Sorry,I spelled Megan's name wrong in my comment:)

Michelle said...

Hooray for Megan!!! (And how dare anyone steal the ball from her? She's too cute!!)

Mary said...

Woo hoo the first of many goals to be scored I hope!!!

We were please the snow melted so we could have our first soccer game as well.

My name is Sarah said...

Yaaaaaaa for Megan. You look like a pro out there. Great job.

Terri said...

This brings tears to my eyes - way to go Megan!!!!

Bethany said...

OMG I'm so proud of her! That is awesome! I remember when Mason started playing soccer and I thought to myself, "Man, there is no way Payton will be able to do this." You show 'em Megan!

Carmen said...

YEAH YEAH YEAH You go girl!!! I can't wait for Jaemen to do this...lol

Alicia said...

wtg Megan!!!
Elias loves soccer, he's pretty good but he doesnt like the though part of soccer, Im hoping to get him in a team but to be honest Im scared LOL but after watching your girl I think Im going to look for a team

Anonymous said...

Great Job~Megan you looked beautiful and played like a professional. All hail Meggie Bissol! Yip Yip Horay!

Anonymous said...

We are so proud of her, what a doll! Love, Your cousin Cindy/PA & family xoxoxo

aj said...

YAY Megan - we are proud of you too! you look like such a cool and involved soccer player -congrats on the goal!

datri said...

Way to go, Megan! That is so awesome and inspiring!