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Wednesday, December 9, 2009
"I see inclusion as the last frontier of desegregation....if you read the brief from Brown v. The Board of Education...the board of Education argued that if we let blacks be integrated that the next thing you know is that we will be letting people with disabilities be integrated"
From the Documentary Including Samuel
Joe Petner
Principal, Haggerty School

All children no matter their gender, race, nationality, religion or disability should all be afforded the same educational opportunities surrounded by their peers.

Some people fear that their child's behavioral problems are to extreme to include them in general education. Some people fear their child's medical needs are too great to have them in the general education classroom. Some people feel that since there child can't write or speak or are mentally retarded that they somehow should not be included in a regular education classroom. As a parent to 1 child with special needs whom is mentally retarded and 2 typical children I say please include your children. Challenge your system to make it work. It can be done appropriately. Not only will your kids with special needs benefit but my typical children will too.
I imagine a world where your child in a wheelchair who cannot speak is the best man at my son's wedding.
I imagine a world where your child who requires deep pressure to get his behaviors under control is settled by the touch of my daughter.
I imagine a world where all our children no matter their gender, race, nationality, religion or disability walk side by side in a world that doesn't see labels.
Am I delusional to think this is possible?
I FEARED the disabled growing up, I do not anymore.
I do not want that for my children.

Can you imagine being that parent who just wants there child included and to get it the mother must say "Just let her burn"....well then, as a mother....I will join this other mother and say it too...."Just let her burn" because all our children deserve a chance at a more accepting life and it starts with a sense of belonging.