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Thursday, December 10, 2009
Dr. Randal Betz.

He is an exceptional doctor but a more extraordinary person.

I know Dr. Betz personally because he and my father are best friends. He takes really good care of my dad and makes him feel like a part of his family. They are very close. My dad has his own room at his home which he uses often.

When my daughter Megan was born 6 years ago with Down Syndrome I would never have thought that Dr. Betz would provide so much in way of exceptional care for myself and my friends. After Megan was born I joined the online community, Downsyn.com, where I also became a moderator.
I spent the first few years of Megan's life connecting with these other families on the site and becoming close with them, talked on the phone everyday and met them at the annual NDSC Conferences. We are now connected forever even if we have moved on and do not talk as regularly we would do anything for each other.

My friend Renee, she has a 5 year old daughter Kennedy and when she got neck x-rays (which is a routine check-up for our kids because they have a higher chance of having AAI) the first person I thought of was my father's best friend, Uncle Randy.
So without thought I had my dad give him a ring and he and I continued to swap emails until eventually he took over Kennedy's care. Kennedy went on to have spinal fusion surgery at Shriners in Philadelphia and today is doing amazingly well.

With Renee and Kennedy's success I have had so many people contact me to get in touch with Dr. Betz. And every time, I send on the email, and every time he reviews the case and helps in any way he can. He is my hero because he isn't looking to get anything out of it, he just wants to help. He again is an exceptional doctor but more importantly he is an extraordinary human being and I wish more doctor's were just like him. So thank you so much Dr. Betz for never saying I can't! I am sure you are a hero to more than just me!


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

He is one of our heroes too! Absolutely!!! All he does for the kids at Shriner's and in other countries just blows me away!! :)