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Tuesday, December 15, 2009
So I ordered some items for Megan to use at home to help her with her homework.
Megan's biggest issue is with strength and grasp (Fine Motor Skills).
She tires quickly and wants to give up after just writing her first name.
We found that if her feet are on the ground and her work is raised off of the flat desk then she can work for longer periods of time.
So now we have a slanted work board.

It is clear so that you can put papers underneath so she can work on tracing.

Here is head phones so she can hear back everything she speaks. This helps with her speech issues....She said "Pennsylvania" yesterday very clearly just by hearing herself in these headphones/microphones.

The last items are: 1. wrist band to help her hold her pencil in place 2. 3 tiny u shaped pencils to help strengthen her grasp 3. Blacked strips with blocks to help her focus on reading words in her books. So far all of these products have been useful. We are hoping with reinforcing at home that she will become more confident in her work at school.

p.s. If you are wondering, we purchased these items on Therapy Shoppe.


Bethany said...

Very cool Steph ... love the tracing idea. Need to work on that here too.

Michelle said...

oh such great ideas here - going to steal them if you don't mind since Kayla is working on the same things :)

What did you do for the feet not touching the ground? Did you just put a step stool or something under the table? I think that's part of why Kayla squirms around so much at home when she's sitting at the table and wonder if it would help if her feet were resting on something stable.

Kathy (Grady) said...

Hey Steph, this is my first post to your blog! Thanks for posting all the stuff you do with Megan. I was wondering, do you set aside time each day to work on stuff? Or is it more just a spur of the moment "hey lets do this" type of thing? I guess now that she's in kindy, she may have homework, so you probably work on that.

Stephanie said...

Sorry for the late response.

Yes, we go over our site words everyday baring no incidents or illness. We do not do it right after school because she will not, she wants alone time when she comes home from school so all is done after dinner and before bed. It can last 20 minutes or take an hour depending on her motivation level. Some days are better than others.

As for the squirming issue, yes we dealt with that when we were trying to do homework at the kitchen table...now we use the girls little play table where when she sits in the chair her feet are flat on the floor. At school they put a padded foot rest under her table so this helps her there.

Feel free to use any and all ideas I post!!!