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Wednesday, April 28, 2010
DSRTF Volunteer Spotlight

This section of our website is dedicated to acknowledging parents, children, companies, community leaders and others who have gone above and beyond to support DSRTF and Down syndrome cognition research….

Thank you for all of your support!!!

* * * * *

Sarah Kearney- Yardley, PA

When Afton Elementary 3rd grader Sarah Kearney received a letter from her principal explaining the importance of "Acts of Kindness in the Community", Sarah was immediately on board.

Earlier this year Sarah met an amazing kindergartner named Megan Bissol. Megan was born with Down syndrome and after Sarah received the letter from her principle, she had an inspired idea. Sarah decided to get in touch with Megan’s mother to ask her all sorts of questions about Down syndrome. Sarah also wanted to do something to help Megan and everyone else living Down syndrome. Megan's mother immediately started telling Sarah about DSRTF and all the work the foundation is doing in the field of Down syndrome cognition research. After hearing about DSRTF, Sarah was "on it"!

Sarah asked the manager of the local Friendly's Langhorne restaurant to hold a fundraiser in honor of Megan to raise money for DSRTF. The event raised $632 and the night was amazing! Sarah's efforts will definitely make a difference and she plans to do this fundraiser again next year!

Everyone at DSRTF would like to extend a very special thank you to Sarah, Megan, Afton Elementary and everyone who attended the event at Friendly's Langhorne!!! Thank you all for your effort, generousity and support!