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Wednesday, April 14, 2010
So I have been absent on my blog for a while. Just been extremely busy with the kids and their activities. Megan and Olivia are both in dance and soccer, Megan started with her Daisy Troop, Joey is on 2 baseball teams and I am hoping to start up basketball again soon. Life doesn't get easier when the kids get older like I thought!
I need to upload some pictures but my monitor for my PC is busted and I can't store photos on my laptop. SO, we wait. Hopefully we will win the lottery or something and I can go out and buy things without saving first.

Megan has been doing extremely well at school. She just loves her teachers and her friends. Yesterday we got such a nice note on Megan's school work. The teacher was thrilled that Megan completed her worksheet completely independent w/o re-direction.

Next Tuesday the 20th, our school is doing a fundraiser for DSRTF. A third grader who helps Megan during lunch came up with the idea. If you go eat at Friendly's in Langhorne, PA between 5 and 8pm, 15% of your total bill will be donated in Megan's name to DSRTF. It was such a nice gesture that I am speechless. Megan's school has really welcomed her with open arms and we are blessed to have our community in our lives. If you are around, come out and have dinner with us!