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Wednesday, April 14, 2010
Anyone out there who has BTDT please respond. I am thinking ahead to 1st grade. We have a perfect day set up for Megan right now but it is half day so there is more time in a day for therapy. I hate the idea of "pull-outs" but she will be full day so when will she get it? What do you give up...not math or reading or writing or specials? I hate the label on children who get pulled out, it disrupts everything and also makes the child feel different and left out. But do push-in's really work? Can the child get all they need in a classroom environment? Or do you spend your evenings going to private therapy? So much to think about...anyone out there have the perfect schedule let me know! Thanks!


Leah said...

In first grade we didn't do pull-outs for therapy. All her therapy was provided in the mainstream classroom during whatever activity they were working on. The OT would vary when she came, so if they were doing reading she worked on turning pages, pincer grasp things, etc. If they were doing math she would work on manipulatives and writing. The ST could work on whatever they were doing in class at the time. etc. Does that make sense the way I explained it? They DID do pull outs for math and reading IF she didn't have a therapist with her at the time, and she would work with a small group on the same things the rest of the class was working on.

Stephanie said...

Makes sense! Thanks Leah!