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Monday, January 21, 2008
I was tagged by Christina over at Kwistina's Kwaziness with the Love and Hate MEME. Thanks Christina!

My loves include:

1.) My first TRUE love, my husband Joe.
2.) All 3 of my beautiful children who make me smile everyday!
3.) My friendships, w/o them I would not be sane!
4.) I love the pretend peanut butter and jelly sandwich Olivia makes for me so carefully just to see me smile.
5.) I love the independence I see in Megan when I try to help her with something..."stop it mommy, I do it"
6.) I love the "CCD again mom" from Joey(with the eye roll, he has no friends in his class so he says he hates to go) as I get his report card in the mail w/ comments from his teacher that say "Joey is a very respectful polite young man and is a pleasure to have in my class" "Always willing to participate and share his wonderful ideas A+" He makes me so proud!
7.) I love sports, all kinds and I am always happy when they are on TV or when I get to play them.
8.) My sister. I love being friends with her and talking on the phone. I feel like we have grown up and we have the relationship I always wanted...and I love how much she LOVES my kids.

My HATES include (since I am bitter today it might be a long list):

1.) I hate that my mom will not apologize for anything, EVER! She would rather just never talk to me again.
2.) I hate that I live near a highway and it is noisy all the time.
3.) I hate that my front window is drafty and it is cold to sit on my couch.
4.) I hate that people listen to the media instead of making decisions for themselves
5.) I hate that 1800#'s call all day long and they are always a machine.
6.) I hate runny noses and chapped faces
7.) I hate messes
8.) I hate sisters who do not care for their children and have them taken away by CPS
9.) I hate that their is always weight to lose
10.) I hate that people suffer

I tag Bethany over at Life w/ Bubba and Chicky and Melissa over at Banana Migraine


Michelle said...

you hate....breaking your ankle? Sorry girlie. (((hugs)))

Christine said...

What a great list. I can relate to many things you wrote.

Alyssa said...

I can sympathize with you on your number 1 hate, my mom is the SAME way.

Megan's got 47 said...

oh yes! I HATE breaking my ankle now too!