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Friday, January 11, 2008
Here are some of the things she has said lately that has blown me out of the water:

1) Just tonight which made me want to blog: "Mommy Joey wants some drink" and she handed me a cup so I filled it with ice tea and handed it to Joey, I said Joey did you want this, he said no...I told him to thank Megan and she responded..."your welcome Joey now drink sum more" ROFLMBO

2) She sang w/o help this morning "3 little monkey's swinging in a tree, teasing mister alligator, you can't catch me.....(a little mumbling of the rest of the words)...SNAP"

3) Olivia was messing with the cotton balls this morning and I told her to pick them up, she said NO, so I took her hand and put them on the cotton balls to pick up...Olivia got frustrated and yelled, so Megan said...."so ridiculous" ROFLMBO

4) At dance class, I could hear the teacher correcting Megan...when class ended I walked in to the room and Megan responded..."can we get chicken french fries now"
Dance class is right next door to Wendy's...I think I know why she likes dance so much now.

5) "Where'd Goofy go, I need work"....she meant I need help working on my puzzle....she loves her goofy doll.

6) All we do is talk about Ron Paul in our household. We have a pile of lawn signs. Megan opened the closet pulled one out and chanted "Ron Paul Ron Paul Ron Paul"....I do have it on tape...I will have to upload and post it.

I will post more when I hear it! Do you see a theme here when she talks?
She is always cracking me up! I think I have a comedian on my hands!


Alyssa said...

WOW! Sounds like she's doing great!! WTG Megan!!

Michelle said...

oh she cracks me up too! Sounds like her language is really coming along!

~Melissa~ said...

I can almost hear her as I'm reading this! WTG Megan, keep it up!

The Balsis Family said...

Aww too funny! Tell Megan that Payton wants some chicken french fries too!

Chris said...

You need to post her saying "Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul". Thank your for your post, one of my biggest fears is that John will not be able to verbally communicate. Hearing about your Megan, makes it easier for me to think of having my own little chatterbox one day.