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Friday, January 25, 2008
We went for Megan's 6 month check up with the Pulminologist at CHOP.
When Megan was there we had an upper GI done and a chest x-ray.
There was a spot on her liver and so the doctor wants us to follow up and recheck just in case although he believes it is nothing. So we will do that sometime soon, hopefully when my cast is off.
Seems I have been mis-medicating my daughter and not following her breathing treatments properly. I have been giving Megan the albuterol inhales twice a day instead of the flovent....I am so mad at myself but the doctor insured I did nothing wrong. I still feel like a terrible mother though.
So now we need to do the FLOVENT twice a day and albuterol for emergencies. UGH!
The doc listened very carefully to her heart and ensured me he did not hear a murmur. I just wanted another doc to listen besides her ped to see what they hear. He believes she is fine and healthy since she is growing well.
I know I worry and feel like I am waiting for a ball to drop sometimes....I just need to stop holding my breath and BE HAPPY that Megan is healthy.
Sometimes the internet makes you worry for no reason, I think that is why I am keeping my distance these days.


The Balsis Family said...

Mis-medicating ... sounds like something I would do. How are you supposed to keep it all straight, right? I'm sure it did no harm though!

And yes, be happy that Megan is healthy!! :) I know it is hard not to worry what will be next, but we will deal with that if it comes.