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Tuesday, September 2, 2008
This post is inspired by Jeff and The Rally for the Republic. Jeff mentioned that "the ultimate American (US) dilemma - Freedom vs. Responsibility."
I think he is right.
This is the major issue in our society today. People do not understand that it isn't a compromise, you do not have to give up responsibility to have freedom. You NEED responsibility to be Free. And the government isn't what makes us Free or gives us our Freedoms. Freedom is endowed to us by our creator and we are to do with it what WE feel is right for ourselves.

The question we should all ask ourselves is -Who gave us Free will?
What would happen to our Free Will if there was no government?
Should the government be responsible for us? Should we allow them to make our decisions? Should we be giving them our wages to make these personal decisions for us? I want to decide what I do with my money. What doctor's I use for my family. What foods I eat and feed my children. How I save for retirement. How I help others. How I educate my children whether it be public, private or home schooled. How I travel. How my family protects themselves. How I use my property. What water I want to drink.

All these things were once our freedoms, we broke away from Great Britain for these exact atrocities, but here we are again, living in a world that is an illusion....we vote for our ruler (I mean president) and we pay our taxes like good serfs (I mean citizens) and we play (I mean pay) with paper money.

I want my FREEDOM and although the idea of having the government care for me is tempting, it is not WORTH what we fought for.

I love the idea of FREEDOM too much. I will try and pass my ideals on to my children and hope that they fight for it as well. I am afraid of what our World (I mean The United States) will become if we let bureaucracy take over....which sadly already has happened.