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Sunday, October 5, 2008
For the Love of Chicken and my sister

I always loved this video. It is of Megan stealing a chicken nugget from her brother, enjoying her reward and then sharing it with her sister. This is an old video, it was when Megan was 2 1/2 and she still was only taking a few steps here and there. Her full time walking came a few months later. Enjoy! (psst. It is long so I won't mind if you can't watch it all)


Simply, Sarah said...

I'm browsing blogs with DS children to better understand what life will be like if we are able to adopt our 6-week-old foster baby.
Your daughter is beautiful AND cute:)

Thanks for sharing how "normal" life can be when something extra is added in the mix.

Cheri said...

Not watch the whole thing....are you kidding me??? I love all your videos! In fact, I commented the other day that I had found and watched all the videos you had posted...or at least I had thought all of them, but one night I was searching You Tube for the Gifts video...and up comes Megan...with a new video I had not seen. It was the one where she was at the dance recital and she got flung out of the circle... Oh Stephanie I had tears rolling down my face from cracking up so hard...she has stolen my heart!!

Michelle said...

oh my goodness she was so cute stealing his nugget and acting like it wasn't a big deal LOL and then sharing with her sister...adorable! Kayla does the same thing with lying down on her belly and then swinging her legs out and around :)