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Friday, February 27, 2009
This lent I would like to really teach my son about the Stations of the Cross and try to go on Friday evenings.
So every Friday this lent I am going to post the Station of the Cross in an attempt to remember to uphold my Lenten promise to God.

This lent I am giving up my biggest stress. I am letting it go and becoming a stronger person, rising above. I will also try not to complain as much. I feel that adds to my stress. I complain about the ref's in basketball, the economy, the news media, EVERYTHING and it is making me a bitter person and I do not want that in my life, I do not want my kids to see that and become that. Joey has given up video games for Lent which might be a struggle but I have full confidence in him. He wants to be a more healthy and active person which is what the outcome will be from his sacrifice.

So sorry to anyone who is not interested in the Stations of the Cross, but I am using my blog as a teaching tool for my family so enjoy!


Laura said...

Thank you for using the term "rising above."
I will use that too.
I have been using "stay calm."
Rising above is better.