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Thursday, February 12, 2009
It is possible but only when they are ready.
I imagined my daughter in diapers at her Senior Prom with the diaster of my 1st few attempts at potty training.
Reading online of all the success people were having and there kids were younger than mine made me ill.
My advice to you, ignore everything. Wait until he/she is ready and they will AMAZE you.
We started the training the week before Christmas. We were home, Megan was 5 and we REALLY wanted her in big girl panties for Kindergarden. We want Megan included in a regular education classroom but we didn't think it was possible if she wasn't potty trained. So Joe and I buckled down and we put away the pull-ups or crutches as we called them. We started by time training her and we sat her on the potty every hour. Once she knew where to put the pee pee we were set. OR so we thought, she started with timing. She just went whenever we put her on the potty, so if we forgot so did she and she would have an accident. Her 1st accident happened to be while we were out to dinner at Red Robin. SO EMBARASSING! Thank goodness for a change of clothes. After about a month of just putting her on the potty and cheering for her and making a big deal, she started going on her own. Just this past Tuesday she went up to her dance teacher and told her she had to go potty, NOW THAT IS HUGE! When she is at home and comfortable she will just go, which tickles me everytime. I do not think I will ever get over the pride I feel everytime she goes...we waited so long for it that the novelty will never wear off. I believe the Bissol Family will be doing the pee pee dance for Megan for a long time.
So we are accident free it seems, none in about a month. Once we hit the 6 month mark she will be officially potty trained. So this June we will have accomplished our goal....I just want you all to know, it will happen, most likely when you least expect it! Good luck!


cat said...

Good going! Holding thumbs for the evaluation.

datri said...

WTG Megan!!

JennyH said...

Great job Megan!!! It takes so long. Is Olivia trained? I'm guessing she is. for one she is a girl. Joe is driving me crazy with training. I am pretty much leaving it up to him. He has to get sick of diapers at some point, right?!

Michelle said...

what a great update on the potty training! whoo hoo!

aj said...

great job Megan!!! i am so copying this for Janna's daddy - he is losing patience with his baby girl not getting to 100%. when they're ready, they're ready! look out June - Megan's coming with shining colors and with all doing the potty dance. aj