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Friday, March 6, 2009
So Tuesday I was in a car accident...not bad just hit from behind. My car goes in next week to get fixed.
Well last night on his way home from the doctors Joe hit a deer and it totaled his little Chevy Cobalt....what are the odds of this? Isn't that just crazy.
Well my accident will be covered by the other person's insurance but now Joe has a $500 deductible to pay for the damage and we are not sure if they can even repair it.
So yesterday I was excited to buy a new camera but looks like I will have to start saving all over again. Oh pooh!


Kristen said...

YIKES Steph!!! I am so glad that you are both ok though! That's the most important thing.

datri said...

Oh man, that's a bummer! Glad you are both OK. I really hate deer. They are all over the place here. It always seems like it's something, doesn't it?

amy flege said...

wow. glad no one was hurt!! darn deer!!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh. crap. hopefully (for you) they will total it out and you won't have to worry abotu finding the 500 bucks to come up with the deductable. ;)

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Oh man! :( That stinks! I hate deer! I am so glad you are both ok!