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Friday, March 27, 2009
We saw the Pulminologist today for Megan. It went well. Megan cooperated and her saturation levels were 94....they seemed happy with that but we have a sleep study coming up. The doc also upped her Flovent from 44mg to 110mg. We will be starting Singular and Prevacid again as well to see if that helps. We go back in 2 months after the sleep study to discuss if we need oxygen full time here or not. He thinks she may need it at night while sleeping. No real answers to why her sats are low though so that is disappointing. Meg had Chest x-rays again today and the doc told me he would call on Monday to discuss. He is very thorough.


Christina said...

Praying for you guys! I hate asthma! Though admittedly me and Kallie don't have it as bad as it sounds Miss Megan

Wayne said...

I guess its better to have a doctor that is thorough and I hope everything goes well with meg